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Earlier this month, DC Comics assembled the Justice League and shipped them off to fight the alien invasion of Darkside. “Justice League: War” is the latest offering from the DC animation division. “War” is the Re-telling and slight tweaking of the “Justice League Origins” storyline. It is the first animated feature to be adapted from the new 52 reboot back in 2011.

Final Fantasy Lightning Returns

A game savior

Lightning suits up again to redeem what her sister has lost. Oh, and to save the world. Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns” makes up for what the last two games lacked in the series and something the Final Fantasy games are really known for.



Blood curdling screams pierce through the speakers and kick off an epic, 5-song EP entitled Lessons Learned, by Richmond, MI metalcore group – Empire.
Formerly known as All Sounds Off, Empire crashed into the scene 2013 and may be recognizable by the Port Huron area, as they were featured on 91.3 WSGR.

Last stop, Last Vegas

New Turteltaub film a witty and lighthearted comedy   Last Vegas stars Michael Douglas as Billy, Robert De Niro as Paddy, Morgan Freeman as Archie and Kevin Kline as Sam.   Last Vegas starts with showing this group of guys when they were in their pre-teens and the friendship that they have. Some of the…

Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

A new album for a new band   Port Huron’s small but unique culture has created an environment for musical and artistic development. Right in the center of this expansion a group of local SC4 alumni formed a rising band, Gasoline Gypsy. The band’s music style is considered, by the members, as loose rock and…

Lizzie, Red, and terrorists oh my!

Why you should be watching the new NBC action-thriller “The Blacklist.” Action, drama, and fantastic writing matched with brilliant acting propels this new series to the top of this fall’s “must see” TV. James Spader plays the role of Raymond “Red” Reddington, who after 20 years of being an elusive global broker for the world’s…