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Yelling about comics: justice league war

Zachary Penzien
Production Editor

Earlier this month, DC Comics assembled the Justice League and shipped them off to fight the alien invasion of Darkside.
“Justice League: War” is the latest offering from the DC animation division. “War” is the Re-telling and slight tweaking of the “Justice League Origins” storyline. It is the first animated feature to be adapted from the new 52 reboot back in 2011.
“Justice League: War” is the telling of the first time out for the justice league. The league is made up of Green Lantern, Shazam, Cyborge, the Flash, and of course Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.
The main voice cast of the Justice League is solid; everyone has a distinct personality to the voices and seems to bring something new to the character they play. In the animation, everyone fights and moves differently in a way that fits the character.
Unfortunately the background characters voice acting is a bit rough. And sadly, Wonder Woman’s lines sound a bit clunky in spots.
The movie is really fun but it kind of falls apart in the 3rd act. It seems like some important story scenes were cut for time that shouldn’t have been.
Complaints aside, I really like this movie. Whenever Batman and Green Lantern are in the same scene it is the best. “War” doesn’t get weighed down by explaining who every character is and what their motivations are; which is good, because at this point we can skip who Superman is.
War is able to overcome its short comings and be a genuinely enjoyable movie. If you have any interest in the Justice League give it a shot. It is out now where ever you get your DVD’s or digital videos.

A game savior

Lightning returned to save our souls, saved Final Fantasy XIII along the way

Jenelle Kalaf
Staff Writer

Lightning suits up again to redeem what her sister has lost.
Oh, and to save the world.
Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns” makes up for what the last two games lacked in the series and something the Final Fantasy games are really known for.
A solid story.
The first game, “Final Fantasy XII,” tells of a world, a cocoon, being broken down by a terrible plague. Lightning and her friends manage to stop it, but only to be thrown into trouble right after.
“Final Fantasy XIII-2” follows Lightning’s sister Serah, who must take up arms and stop the world from ending while her sister is trapped in another dimension.
Long story short, most fans of the series can agree that Serah really had no right to lead a game.
“Lightning Returns” dives deeper into Lightning and what her destiny is.
Well, to save the world, but past that.
The world is ending in 13 days, and Lightning knows it can’t be stopped. So she’s taken it upon herself to save as many souls as she can before the end comes.
I don’t want to spoil anything, but the story is well written.
The first game had a good story, but it was long and there was no incentive to play on at parts. The second game didn’t even have a good or a comprehendible story, let alone a strong lead to make it interesting.
But in “Lightning Returns,” they made the plot much simpler. Lightning really has no control over anything that’s happening, but she doesn’t let fate take the reins.
She really did become the center of this universe, and it was done with grace.
So what did “Lightning Returns” do right other than a good story?
I know, unpopular opinion, but I preferred the real-time-strategy battle style, in which both sides can attack at any time, instead of the turn-base style, where each side takes turns while fighting; so I was happy to see it back.
I was also pleased by the better use of the cut scenes. This could be a spoiler, so I will keep my comments to myself on this.
While it’s still no masterpiece and Square Enix still has a long way to go, “Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns” is a step in the right direction.
A very big step.


Richmond metalcore group paves way to success

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Blood curdling screams pierce through the speakers and kick off an epic, 5-song EP entitled Lessons Learned, by Richmond, MI metalcore group – Empire.
Formerly known as All Sounds Off, Empire crashed into the scene 2013 and may be recognizable by the Port Huron area, as they were featured on 91.3 WSGR.
Filled with knee buckling guitar riffs created by the duo of Ben Mazur and Dorian Carrizales, the complimented low growling vocals of Chris Fortuna make this a definite listen for any metalcore lover.
A stand out track, ‘Cloak’, on their Lessons Learned EP was produced by David White, former drummer for Detroit rock group, Cold for June.
“If you listen to our song ‘Cloak’, we are starting to develop this original sound,” said drummer, Steve Radzom. “It fits in with a Korn type of vibe, who is a big influence of ours.”
Making strides in the music industry, Empire has big plans for the upcoming year.
“We are actually working with a producer, whom we can’t even mention right now,” says Mazur. “It’s like playing basketball with Michael Jordan,” added Radzom about the disclosed producer.
“We are recording three songs right now, and may even do a release with another band,” added bassist, Jordan Frame.
Slowly but surely rising into the scene, Empire is also planning a tour across Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.
“That’s what it’s all about man,” said Radzom with an excited smirk about the tour.
A band résumé that would peak the interest of any producer, Empire builds on their track record. Having worked with Detroit dubstep producer Ghost Noise, throwing a CD release party with It Lies Within, and playing the first “Hear This! Fest,” put on by Anthony Hofer of “Hear This! Promotions.”
Currently, Empire is expecting a split EP to be released sometime in the summer.

Romance for the Fantastic

A good read for a day off

Jenelle Kalaf
Staff Writer

Good books can be found in the strangest of places, like in a $4 bargain bin at your local Kroger.
How could you go wrong?
“City of Dark Magic” by Magnus Flyte is a fairy-tale rom-com with a great concept that fell short through the narrative.
The story follows a music student who lands a job sorting the manuscripts of Beethoven. When her mentor suddenly commits suicide, she starts finding clues that suggest that he may have had a secret that somebody wanted to remain untold.
The story is very original. It’s not the cookie cutter compared to most tales of magic.
However, this doesn’t excuse the lack of a strong narrative. The whole novel is written in a passive tone.
But even with the passive voice, the fast paced structure makes it a compelling and sometimes witty read.
In the realm of sales, the fact that I stumbled across it in a bargain bin says something about this new author. What it says is not for me to decide.
What I do know: the novel is a fun read. It’s not challenging, but that doesn’t mean that it’s simple.
I recommend it for anyone who enjoys a fluffy fantasy, or even just a silly rom-com.

Winter is coming for the console wars

Brace yourself


XBOX 1 vs PS4 consolesLate autumn, the colorful leaves have now all fallen to the ground, the air is bitter cold, and the next generation of video game consoles are settled in to be enjoyed for the long winter; or are they?

The release of the Xbox One (XB1) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) was the biggest combined console launch in video game history according to, with each selling over one million consoles on their respective launch weekends alone. Continue reading Winter is coming for the console wars

Last stop, Last Vegas

New Turteltaub film a witty and lighthearted comedy


Last Vegas stars Michael Douglas as Billy, Robert De Niro as Paddy, Morgan Freeman as Archie and Kevin Kline as Sam.

last-vegas-poster1  Last Vegas starts with showing this group of guys when they were in their pre-teens and the

friendship that they have. Some of the scenes show a more serious side of the movie and characters. Continue reading Last stop, Last Vegas

Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

A new album for a new band


Port Huron’s small but unique culture has created an environment for musical and artistic development. Right in the center of this expansion a group of local SC4 alumni formed a rising band, Gasoline Gypsy.

The band’s music style is considered, by the members, as loose rock and roll because they write their own songs and play covers of many different styles. Continue reading Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

Lizzie, Red, and terrorists oh my!

Why you should be watching the new NBC action-thriller “The Blacklist.”

BlacklistAction, drama, and fantastic writing matched with brilliant acting propels this new series to the top of this fall’s “must see” TV.

James Spader plays the role of Raymond “Red” Reddington, who after 20 years of being an elusive global broker for the world’s most dangerous criminals turns himself over to the FBI. Red became one of the infamous “FBI’s Most Wanted” after he worked as a government agent, abandoning his country and family, only to rematerialize as a narcissistic, well-connected mastermind of mayhem. Continue reading Lizzie, Red, and terrorists oh my!