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Yelling about comics

Over the years Spider-man has changed. The high school kid living with his grandma and having trouble finding a date to prom is a thing of the past. Peter Parker is still Spiderman, but he’s an adult now.
He has been a reporter and a scientist and has also been married and divorced (via magic and the Devil if memory serves) But most importantly of all, Peter moved out of his aunt’s house. Spiderman has evolved as a character over the years and that is a good thing, an important thing.

So here we are

So Here We Are

Age, how do we deal with it? To many, specifically college students, getting older is but a mere concept that is far away. Travis Boone not only delivers his film “So Here We Are” in a skilled artistic manor, but he also brings a generation that’s beyond his years down to a relatable narrative.

Play it again Sam

The World is changing. With the twenty-first century breaking ground in its second decade, many films from the mid twentieth century, a period that is largely regarded as the Golden Age of film, are being lost within the years of history passing by.

Moon Knight by Warren Ellis

Yelling about comics:

Last week saw a new batch of all new number ones from Marvel, including one that I have been looking forward to since its announcement, “Moon Knight.” The book is written by Warren Ellis, along with art by Declan Shalvey and color by Jordie Bellaire.

The Tiny Ugly Germs

Trace of Lime album review

Melodic, metaphoric, and masterful. How’s that to describe an album?
Because no better words can explain the journey you will be sent on from track one of the upcoming album, “I Know It’s Nothing, But I’m Happy It’s Something” by psychedelic rock band, Trace of Lime.

Want to start writing?

Painters have their pastels and musicians have their instruments, while creative writers have a slice of the reference section in Barnes and Noble. That is why anyone who aspires to write short stories or a novel should pick up the book: “Your First Novel” by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb.

The Tiny Ugly Germs

The Tiny Ugly Germs

The Tiny Ugly Germs are infecting Port Huron residents and you might be next. The melodic punk-rock band “The Tiny Ugly Germs” is entirely made up of current SC4 students, but you’re going to have to leave campus if you want to hear them live.