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It’s not the war we know, it’s the war they fought

Vietnam in HD
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

“They say the World War II guys were the best generation, and every war since then were the best of their generation, they were noble,” said United Press National Correspondent Joseph Galloway.
In a complex time little is known about war, and many don’t understand war. During the 60’s and early 70’s one war is burned in to every mind of America; The Vietnam War. A war that is misunderstood until you hear the side of the veterans who served.
The History Channel presented a series after their well-advertised and successful series WWII in HD. Vietnam in HD is an eye opening look in to the Vietnam War though the eyes of those who served. Hearing those veterans and family of veterans tell their experience and how the war affected them and those around them brings the voice of those who stood silent though the roar of a thousand souls.
The 2011 documentary series is worth the $20 to hear the Americans who fought during the war and the way they felt about it. With this series it will bring you closer to appreciating the men and women who serve today.
Vietnam in HD covers the eleven year war from 1964 where we had Advisors to the South Vietnamese army (ARVON forces) to the end of the war in 1975. As an owner of the DVD I watch the series multiple times to remind me how lucky I am to live in a country with such outstanding citizens. I suggest that you should buy it so you as well can feel a sense of patriotism and a great sense of pride for those who serve. As well be thankful for keeping our country safe and trying to making the world a safer place as well.

Erogenous, Electric, and Erotic: A phantasmagoria of fish nets

Photo credit: David P. Kalaf
Photo credit: David P. Kalaf

Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Energetic, electric, and erogenous. The Rocky Horror Show takes over the McMorran Place again, with fishnets and corsets.
The midnight performance became a night to remember with new cast members held their own on stage even as the audience continued yelling.
Not only did the cast entertain, but once again, a crowd of fantastically dressed in Halloween costumes, character costumes and a little lingerie flooded the auditorium enthusiastically.
This is the fourth year I’ve experienced Rocky Horror and I am blown away by the cast and crew for putting on such a fun show.

Angie Stoecklin

The famous audience participation wonder of a profanity-encouraging show returned to McMorran for the sixth year in a row. And I must say it was an absolute joy.
I attended the first Rocky Horror Live show at McMorran in 2009. At the time I knew almost everyone in the play and I also knew that they had extensive theatre backgrounds. Because I did not know what the actors’ talent looked like this year, I was a little skeptical at first about spending $20 on a ticket with my standards set so high. But I must say that I was not disappointed.
The actor’s held their own, even when the audience got exceptionally loud and extra vocal. Yes I know, that’s the point of Rocky, but in comparison to the other year I attended, it seemed like the audience was a bit too comfortable with yelling things. Every second of the show.
I will say that it seemed like the actors were more focused on not breaking character than they were on their singing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the singing was awful, I just felt that there should have been a bit more time spent on the musical numbers and their perfection. It is a musical after all.
Overall, this year’s Rocky Horror show was well acted, fully embraced by the audience both with outfits and participation, and full of laughter, curse words, and corsets.
Just how Rocky should be.

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

Long legs, fish nets, and lingerie playfully scampered about the inside of McMorran as I walked in to find my seat. Dressed head to toe in hippie garb made me stick out like a sore thumb, but as a Rocky Horror “virgin,” I didn’t really know how I was supposed to look.
Everything seemed pretty off-the-wall, but my fellow Erie Square Gazette crewmen reminded me that Rocky Horror wasn’t made for the faint of heart.
The first thing they did before the show started was call all the “virgins” up to the stage. I was nervous at first, thinking I would be one of maybe a dozen on stage. Surprise came to me when almost the whole stage was filled with “virgins.” That made me feel better about this being my first show.
I learned how to yell “slut” and “asshole” at Brad and Janet. I tossed insults at the actors, and told the narrator to shut his hole.
When “Time Warp” started playing, I grew nervous at the thought of getting up and dancing at a show I knew nothing about. Then I remembered that everyone is in stockings and has makeup on, so I pulled my knees in tight, and became insane off the pelvic thrust.
Once you stop caring that anyone is watching, it makes the show that much more enjoyable. And while I didn’t understand the entire story due to hecklers, I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Rocky Horror is an over-the-top play that works with the dirty mind of every adult, and gives you plenty of chances to have fun no matter what your preference is. I paid $20 for a seat, and I would have no problem buying up the $30 front row seats in the future.

The hammer of vengeance


Review of Trivium’s recent album “Vengeance Falls”
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

Picture a life of despair, agony, and rage. Knowing you’re alone and no one will understand the way you feel. A loner who’s only vengeance is to live and wage war against an overwhelming enemy.
Trivium’s latest album depicts such a story in such a way that it changes your thought of metal.
The only way to see it is to feel it. Listening to this story you feel the hero’s pain, happiness, sorrow, and rage.
The songs composed in this album are masterful. The musicianship is amazing with the amount of riffs and bridges these guys come up with without repeating them. So you get that moment where if you hear it you know exactly what it is.
Unlike today, where artists compose songs to sound close or exactly the same and have no stamp of personality. With Trivium they do more than just stamp their personality, they stamp their identities, moralities, and lives in this album.
Like a boot to the face, Trivium gives humanity a wakeup call on subjects that no one wants to talk about such as depression, loneliness, and sorrow. Never in my life have I been able to talk about my feelings because I knew no one would understand.
Knowing that, I felt alone and that lead me to being depressed, now to those of you that don’t listen to metal and think it’s a bunch losers screaming into a microphone. You’re wrong.
The reason you’re wrong is because the singer’s feelings come out in the way that others can connect to and feel not alone. Listening to this album you’ll feel empowered, you’ll feel bold, and you’ll feel like the world can’t touch you.
Trivium has out done themselves and goes on my bedroom wall of fame.

Annabelle: a frightening watch

Do not watch alone
Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

The movie Annabelle is in one word, terrifying. The movie stars Annabelle Walls as Mia and Ward Horton as John Gordon.
The movie showed the two well-known spiritual elements of good and evil. One of the locations in the movie was in a church that the couple attended. The movie showed that good people can go through really terrible things, but those people can get through darkness with their faith. The young couple in the movie faced a lot of acts of psychological terror that almost destroyed them and their infant daughter.
The movie starts out in the sixties with a young couple who are expecting a child. Early in the movie they witnessed the murders of their middle aged neighbors by their neighbor’s daughter named Annabelle and her boyfriend, both of which were members of a demonic cult.
Annabelle and her boyfriend attack the young couple ending with her boyfriend getting killed by the police, and Annabelle committing suicide, and the doll Annabelle was holding is possessed by and unleashing a demonic spirt onto the doll.
The horror in the movie was more of a psychological horror. There were a few scenes of blood and gore horror that contained some great special effects. The movie also brought in the perspective of paranormal horror. The speakers in the movie theater helped give the movie an eerie effect.
The movie was full of unexpected twist and turns. The audience seemed to not know what to expect in each new scene. There were times in the movie where the audience were watching the different characters and trying to guess their intentions.
The characters seemed to reflect the era that they were supposed to represent. The character of the husband was there but not very supportive to the main character, his wife. He looked out for his wife’s well-being but that was about it. The character of the wife was strong but confused.
The entire movie was full of twists and unexpected turns. This was a movie that one would not want to miss any of it in order to understand the plot. Not one member of the audience left during the movie. They did not want to miss a thing.
Maybe they were afraid they might see Annabelle out in the hall.

Fury: an epic and powerful World War II film

Well worth the price of admission
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

Many will have flocked to the theaters just to see Brad Pitt star in another WWII movie, but the real guts of this movie come from how close to the battlefield “Fury” is. According to, “Fury is actually based on a collection of true stories from real-life army veterans who spent their time during World War II in tanks.”
“Fury” is set in April 1945, during the last month of the European Theater in WWII.
When the tank crew of “Fury” loses their assistant driver, a young typist named Norman Ellison (Loagn Lerman) is sent to fill the gap. While Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt), Boyd “Bible” Swan (Shia LeBeouf), Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis (Jon Bernthal), and Trini “Gordo” Garcia (Michael Pena) want anyone besides a greenhorn, they soon accept him into their “brotherhood”.
The horrors of war are evident and not whitewashed over, but instead are left there to remind us that war is not funny or something to be taken lightly. To support this idea, the former assistant driver is shown in his seat minus his head and a piece of his face behind the body.
The movie rolls along with a strong balance between the drama and good old fashioned tank fighting, with very little slow periods. This plot shows the calm and brutal side of war, and is never dull of emotion. From when the innocence of Ellison is lost to the ending battle, “Fury” refuses to disappoint.
Few movies have the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire running time; however, “Fury” not only kept me focused but covered me with goosebumps for all 2 hours and 15 minutes of it.
“Inglorious Bastards” this is not, but a headfirst dive into the emotional and dirty world of WWII it is.

A SC4 Horror Story


All locked up
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

Welcome readers, we hope to yet again indulge you on another trip to the other side of reality. A reality not unlike our own, just a tad darker and a bit less friendly. We now take you to the warped recesses of your imagination and welcome you to: A SC4 Horror Story.
Statement from the Port Huron Police Department: “Before the disappearance of the individuals that are now known as the Saint Clair Six, there was an E-mail sent by individuals whose identity is being concealed at the family’s request. The E-mail has just now come to us and is being reviewed as new evidence for the recently closed case.”
As we typed away on our keyboards, picking up the slack on dropped articles, making heavy revisions and pushing towards the deadline we received a visit from an old friend: Larry the Security Guard. A friendly man to say the least, he always took an interest on what we were writing he would pop in for a hello, indulge us in conversation for a minute or two and then went on his way.
“Hey guys!” Came the all too familiar call.
“Hey Larry!” I said looking up from my key board, the man was averaged height with short grey and white hair, and he wore a standard Campus Security uniform and wore a small salt and pepper beard.
“Just checking in…” he said staring at the computers for a moment before saying: “What’s the big scoop today?”
“Mm!” Exclaimed Angie, “We found a journal in the ceiling!”
“Journal?” Larry said, his voice dropped to a more serious tone. Of course nothing was thought of it at the time, and we proceeded to tell him about our “Scoop of the century.”
“Yeah!” Continued Angie, “We haven’t read it yet, there’s a lock on the cover but it’s dated from the 90’s. We’re thinking about running a time capsule spread.” Angie exclaimed in excitement, Larry’s face stayed the same. Stoic, one would almost say shocked.
“Yeah I don’t know about that guys, I mean what about privacy and all that? I mean the 90s weren’t that long ago, and the owner hid that for a reason…” Larry looked uncomfortable.
“Or they left it her, for us,” said Chico who was just walking into the room.
“It all depends on the context, of the journal tool. We might be able to track down the owner and ask them about their time at the college.” I said, and with that the evening was over. The next few days revolved around opening that journal, we also began to see Larry more and more all the while suspecting that he had the same interest in the book that we did. Finally the day came, we were all at Emily’s house to finally open that book, Angie, Chico, Paul, Jenelle, myself and of course Emily.
It didn’t take long to get the book open, Emily was a crafter and had just about every tool imaginable that could pick that lock. What we found, we couldn’t believe. The book wasn’t a journal at all, well at least not in the conventional sense. The book was filled with detailed accounts of SC4 student disappearances over the years, over fifteen students over the past few decades, including a couple we recognized. The book gave no signature of author, only ending with a cryptic: “Who’s next?” There was something else about the fifteen students: They were all journalists.
We decided not to tell anyone about the book after all we had no proof, and we weren’t going to give up a story like this that easy. None of us were comfortable with the idea of keeping something like this a secret, but we had a job to do.
It turns out the book was right each of the names we found: Erick Fredendall, Liz Whittemore, Brenden Buffa, all disappeared into the recesses of the Administration’s books. Was the Administration really involved? And if so why? The book was giving more questions than answers.
We had been working at the paper late that night, like usual. We were true journalists, over worked and under paid, Burning both ends of the candle for one lousy credit. Everything had been going fine that night, business as usual… until we opened that e-mail. It was nothing, or at least it should have been nothing. It was just spam, we told ourselves. It’s just the result of some creep. But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t shake the shiver from our spines.
The picture was of us. Us from last week more specifically. Taken from outside the window, it was just us working. Nothing actually sinister about it, but we couldn’t help but feel unnerved. It was the caption that was the worst: “Hard at Work?”

The room was dark, a rank smell came through my nostrils, my head pounded and I opened up my eyes to see a dark basement lit by a dim ceiling lamp. Gagged and hanging upside down frightened tears began to swell in my eyes. My ears assaulted by the sounds of muffled cries, looking around the room I saw the other editors, hanging in the same manner as I was… Angie, Jenelle and Chico lay lifeless. And then another sound came from the stairs across the room… An all too familiar whistle. Slowly Larry came into focus.
“Ah, I’m sorry guys. If it makes you feel any better this wasn’t my idea, it’s uh, well it’s the guys up top. They’re not too comfortable with you guys running around and writing whatever you want. You know what they say, the pen is mightier than the sword. Well they’re out to prove that wrong.” Larry raised a blunt pipe in his hand. Black.

DISCLAIMER: All actions of this story, while they are based on real people are fictional and do NOT reflect the ESG staff’s opinions of any SC4 faculty.

Oculus Rift


The next big thing in 3D virtual reality headsets
Therese Padgham
Guest Writer

Gaming industry speculators anticipate the long-awaited consumer version to be released in 2015. Rift boasts a seven inch screen, evolved stereoscopic 3D perspective and built-in audio.
A price tag from $200 to $400, without headphones, is expected. The cost is comparable to the $300 pre-sold developmental prototypes that began selling in the fall of 2012.
Game platforms from MS Windows, OSX, and Linux support an extensive list of end-user options. Many of the developers have been working with Oculus VR, as Rift must be specifically designed for compatibility. Oculus is also developing its SDK (softwares development kit) to allow integration.
Prototype Kits were 24 bpp (bits per pixel). Kit 1 was 1280 x 800 LLC. Kit 2 improved with 1920 x 800 OLED (organic light-emitting diode).
The consumer version is being developed for the general public featuring 2000 x 1080 OLED and wireless. Other connections are DVI/HDMI and USB. The prototype headset weight of 13.4 ounces is less and offers 90 degree horizontal and 110 diagonal FOV (field of view), which will be more than double most competing devices.
Improved head-tracking performance is credited to both, 3-axis rotational and positional tracking, Rift uses gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers to achieve tracking without drift capability. Partnership with RealSpace 3D, a licensed software library, projects product using HRTF (head-related transfer function) to synthesize sound, and reverb algorithms.
Paler Luckey, founder of Oculus RV, set out to develop a more effective and less expensive devise than is currently being offered in the market. On March 25, 2014 Facebook agreed to purchase Oculus VR for $400 million cash, $1.6 in Facebook stock and another $300 million subject to financial performance targets.

The rebirth of survival horror


A coward’s experience with Bethesda’s “The Evil Within”
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

A mixture of remorse and satisfaction still bubbles up when I think about it.
The fantastic idea that included me picking up “The Evil Within” at the midnight launch and playing it as soon as I got home.
I should have thought about that before I couldn’t sleep.
Bethesda Softworks, Tango Gameworks, and Shinji Mikami, the creator of the original “Resident Evil” teamed up for this massive under taking.
Mikami wanted to recreate the genre of video game he created years before. He wanted survival horror to be something gamers and horror fans of all ages hid from under the blankets.
To rebrand horror as something scary and not for the weak of heart.
The result: something wonderful.
While I am going to do my best to describe the experience, it will never live up to just trying it and seeing what horrors lie behind the controller. Especially for the Halloween season.
A warning, this game’s install is painfully long on almost any system you can think of. I have only played the PlayStation 3 version, but it took about 2 hours to install the whole game.
The whole game relies on atmosphere. Nothing is really explained, only hinted at, so the urgency to survive heightens with the button smash to, ultimately, not die.
The game made me feel helpless.
The setting took me of guard.
You’d think a game like this would be in a creepy mansion or in a scary basement.
The whole modern city becomes the playground, and that only makes the scares that much worse.
It follows the story of Sebastian Castellanos, a detective on the Krimson City Police Department, who investigates a mass murder in a strange hospital.
While there, a strange figure ambushes him and brings him to a vivid, bloody world full of monsters, puzzles, and in my opinion, the most disgusting methods of character death I have ever seen in a video game.
Once it starts, the game never slows down. Bits and pieces of the story can be found hidden away, bringing forth the true nature of Sebastian.
Ultimately, the story is nothing to write home about, but it gives Sebastian’s actions meaning. That doesn’t mean the rest of the game suffers.
Honestly, I’m still afraid to play this game. Even during the day.

An SC4 Horror Story: The Deadline

Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

Welcome readers. During the month of October we here at the ESG have decided to indulge you on a tiny trip of horror if you will. In appreciation of this fall and Halloween season, we will be presenting you with two stories of fiction.
Each stars the ESG staff and SC4 students and faculty, they are written purely for entertainment, but in the dark and twisted sense of the word. Without further ado, here is our first tale of crypt.
We submit to you: The Deadline a tale of paranoia of the digital age, and this is The ESG.

We had been working at the paper late that night, like usual. We were true journalists, over worked and under paid. Burning both ends of the candle for one lousy credit. Everything had been going fine that night, business as usual… until we opened that e-mail. It was nothing, or at least it should have been nothing. It was just spam, we told ourselves. It’s just the result of some creep. But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t shake the shiver from our spines.
The picture was of us. Us from last week more specifically. Taken from outside the window, it was just us working. Nothing actually sinister about it, but we couldn’t help but feel unnerved. It was the caption that was the worst:
“Hard at work?”
We tried to forget it, put it out of our minds and move on with our lives. It was a Halloween prank by a student, probably a friend of ours… right?
Things only got worse the next day. None of us got any sleep. How could we? We tried keeping our minds off of it, but there was no use. On Tuesday, we kept looking over our shoulder at the windows, waiting. And then, like clockwork it happened again. Angie got the E-mail. Recipient: Unknown.
The image this time was more disturbing, it wasn’t all of us this time. This time the picture was just of Angie, a picture of her alone in the office. We didn’t know what to say. Furious and terrified Angie replied: “Who is this?”
The response was almost immediate: “Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this? Who is this?”
Angie rushed out the door to get campus patrol, I’ve never seen a face so filled with terror, and I’ll never forget it. Angie never came back.
We all assumed that Angie went home and we quickly left. Leaving was the worst part, walking alone to our cars, calling our loved ones to calm us down, checking and double checking the back seats of our cars.
The next week it was only Chico, Emily and myself that showed up to the newsroom. One by one we had been picked off, by whoever, or whatever this was. I don’t know why we came back, maybe it was to prove to ourselves that we didn’t have anything to be afraid of, that maybe we would just wake up and this nightmare would be only that; A dark and twisted dream and nothing more. Or maybe it was because there wasn’t any point in avoiding it. The e-mails seemed to reach us wherever we were at now, increasing in number, the lapse between each email getting shorter and each beckoning us back to the office. Just like before, we received the e-mail. None of us wanted to open it, but we felt like we had no choice. It felt like an eternity, a terrifying cycle with no end.
Trembling as Emily clicked the e-mail, our blood ran cold. There we were, gathered around Emily’s desk logging onto her computer mere minutes before we opened the e-mail. Out of shock we spun around, expecting to see our harasser, but there was no one. Chico ran outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever this was. Emily and I stood there and read the caption: “When’s your deadline?”
I don’t expect you to believe me, after all not even the administration did. I just had to write it down, I don’t have much time. I got this e-mail about an hour ago: “Tic tock” I haven’t looked at the window since, the door is locked, but I don’t think that will work. I’m the only one left and I need someone to listen, I just need someone to believe me, I just need someone to beli…

Tips for speaking to someone

Five things to remember when making that first impression
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

A good relationship is based on many things, but can be boiled down to just a few: honesty, loyalty, communication, and the ability to put up with another human being and their flaws. Without these few key elements, a relationship won’t last long or be very fun.
Now, how do you get the attention of that book smart gal, or nerdy guy? Many steps can be taken, but again, can be boiled down to just a few.
Step one, enter with confidence.
While not all of us can walk up to a stranger and start a conversation without being creepy, it can pay off to try. Too often are potential relationships snuffed out with one person being too shy to speak to the other. Try an ice breaker, or just simply ask “How are you doing?”
Step two, dress accordingly.
Dress in your own style, but don’t dress in rags. Few people want someone that dressed like they just crawled through a wood chipper. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie. A simple clean t-shirt and some casual jeans are okay, but once the jeans or shirts are composed of more holes than clothing, then you may want to hit a store ASAP.
Step three, be true to yourself.
Always be who you are whether you’re a nerd, an athlete, a teacher, or a student. But remember that change isn’t always bad either. If you have a problem that needs fixing, and you know it needs fixing, then fix it. If you’re a narcissistic jerk, then chances are no one will want to be around you for any period of time. Figure out what could be wrong, and figure out how you can solve it. No one is perfect or will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be nice, good people.
Step four, don’t be creepy.
We’ve all seen it, that one person that can’t leave someone else alone or just can’t take a hint. Don’t be that person. If someone isn’t showing interest in you, then save yourself some embarrassment and walk away. No insults when you leave, just leave it as is. Not everything is meant to be.
Step five, if all else fails, then be funny.
In an age where bad puns, sarcasm, and internet speak (Y U Do Dis?) are abundant, there are few reasons as to why some form of humor would fail to bring forth a smile. Worse comes to worse, use Google to find good jokes.
Above all else, be who you truly are. Be real, be honest, and be nice.