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Hot Patootie, bless my soul



We really loved the rocky horror show

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Here I stood on the stage with purple striped thigh high socks, a black short skirt, a teal tail with matching ears, and a gray striped low-cut shirt; it was time to dance to the Time Warp again. Such a sight would usually be reserved for a drag show, but at Rocky Horror show everyone is whatever they want to be, including a transsexual transvestite.
Last year at Rocky Horror, I entered a virgin and left screaming “slut” and another profanity. This year I knew what to expect, but that didn’t dull the show for me one bit. I soaked in the super sexual sandbox of shouting and slurring amongst a slutty score of seasoned stage lovers, and I loved every minute of it.

Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor
Two words. Audience. Participation.
Rocky Horror is a tradition that has spawned from the original movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. I feel it was celebrated adequately with a record turnout for the midnight performance on Oct 24.
Between the jeering at the narrator and everyone hopping up to do the Time Warp again, it was clear that the entire audience was really into it. I felt as if I were a part of the show, as they encouraged witty quips from the audience.
This was my first time watching the performance at the McMorran, but not my first time watching the show. I’ve been a fan of the movie and watched a few live renditions of the show, each with its own quirks and twists. However, just from audience participation alone this was the best version I’ve seen, let alone the performances from the actors and actresses.
Overall, it was a great show and I would happily recommend it to anyone of my perverted friends.

Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Whatever happened to Saturday night?
The Rocky Horror Show took over the McMorran theatre, that’s what.
The show was a fun, inappropriate good time for, well, the oldest members of the family.
Keeping to the theme of the beautiful cult movie, the theatre was filled with men and women dressed in… well, not a lot. From men with bras and women in shorts skirts and corsets, the crowd was half the fun.
Of course they had to be fun, seeing how they have to participate.
The actors this year were on point, as always, but the real question, did any of them mess up?
Happily, no one made a fool of themselves during the performance. Though, a few did listen to some of the more suggestive comments.
Although we went to the midnight show, the audience was tame. They didn’t kill the enthusiasm by screaming out the customary explicit language at the main characters too often.
The show was all together a treat to watch and engage in. If you haven’t seen it, check it out next Halloween, and join us as we do the Time Warp again.

Emily Mainguy

The Erie Square Gazette staff attending the annual Rocky Horror Picture Show has almost become a tradition.
After having a lot of fun at last year’s Rocky Horror the ESG staff decided to return for more fun and we were not let down.
The acting was good and the participation of the audience made it even better. The changes in the set were refreshing and the addition of the knight playing various instruments made it a brand new experience from years past.
My only complaint about this year’s production is that a couple of the actors and actresses needed a little bit more practice singing.
Overall it was a great production and I hope we can all return to watch it again next year!

The Apocalypse is upon us… again

The Winchesters have really messed up this time.
Heather Silvola
Guest Writer
“Supernatural” season 11 premiered October 7 and it, at the least, exceeded my expectations. Past this point there will be spoilers, so SPOILER WARNING!
Introducing: the big, the bad, the “Darkness!” The Winchesters have released the “Darkness” via a witch and so far it hasn’t turned into a Disney Halloween movie from 2005.
The script seems to be taking a “dark” road with simple solutions wrapped around more lies and apocalyptic endings. The Winchesters are known to have died multiple times throughout the series but the writers said, through the mouth of a reaper, when the Winchesters die, they will stay dead.
As usual though, Sam and Dean are emotionally tortured and are still keeping secrets. At this point, Sam’s whole life is revolved around one lie after another with a side of disappointment from Dean. The “Darkness,” in the form of a little girl, is in Crowley’s hand as he tries to bribe her into joining him. I predict he will soon tuck tail and run to the Winchesters when he realizes she is too powerful to control. Castiel is, as usual, the writer’s personal punching bag as they try to think of ways to incorporate him into a story with the “Darkness.”
The bright side? The occupants of the cage in hell is stirring from the news of the newly released “Darkness.” This is a potential to bring back some great characters for this doomed apocalyptic world.
Supernatural is in the making for another great season; that is, if they can make the “Darkness” a big enough threat to the Winchesters.

That piece of data shouldn’t be wearing that

A rant on how women in video games dress
Pessimistic Gamer
Guest Writer
Let’s get this clear, women in video games aren’t real. We all know that, or at least should.
So why are we so mad about how they are dressed and portrayed?
To be fair, I do have to look at this from both stand points on the issue, seeing how they are both valid.
For the last 10 years or so, the debate on whether or not a piece of data should be clothed has been rampant.
In one aspect, videos games are fantasy. Why not fantasize about women (or men) we find appealing? Don’t we all wish for that perfect body with a great personality?
So, it’s harmless, right?
To some, it’s not. Most people don’t realize how much their fantasies can corrupt and become this overbearing image of what you should look like, so video game makers should start portraying women (and men) like average people.
It’s healthier that way, right?
Well, let’s step back and realize it’s not real.
What you are looking at is data. A fake image that is living out some fantasy world. If how they are dressed or portrayed is really going to be a problem for self-esteem that obviously means the problem didn’t start with the video game in the first place.
Having diversity in a video game, or in any entertainment media, is important to get more buyers in the first place. But you need to remember, men were the main targets for video games for the longest time.
Now that women are getting into them, notice how more women in video games have more realistic back stories and are no longer just a sex object.
They remastered the most sexual video game women, Lara Croft, to be more realistic because of this.
As much as I would love to say men and women both need to be portrayed in video games more realistically, it’s not that feasible.
The main point of these games are to ultimately make money. And sex sells.
Once it does stop selling- oh wait. It won’t.
And that might be the saddest fact about video games, or just entertainment, ever.
So, I guess my advice is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the interactive attractiveness.

“Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain” Review

Revenge best served in a cardboard box
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

metalgear2It’s 1984; David Bowie’s at his peak, Ghostbusters hit theatre and a war is raging in Afghanistan.
And Diamond Dogs are out for revenge.
“Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain” stands as the last game in the series, but it refuses to fade out without notice.
The game starts after an incident that’s left Big Boss in a coma for 9 years. He’s attacked in a hospital, and gets thrown back into the battle field. He’s on a mission: Find the men who put him down for 9 years.
For any veteran of the franchise, the familiar gameplay styles adapts from “Ground Zero” and “Peace Walker,” some of the previous games.
For new players, be ready to learn quickly.
The game starts with you staggering through the hospital, trying to get out with the help of a stranger who’s been “watching over you.” It acts as a tutorial. But after the basic are learned, you need to act fast, and this heavy stealth game forces you to.
The game itself is open world, taking place in both Afghanistan and Africa. The world is yours to explore, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful. Enemies will see you if you’re careless when running or riding your horse.
The story will be confusing to players new or old, but run with it. It’s a ride worth taking. It doesn’t work well as a standalone title, story wise. The game calls references forward from every single other Metal Gear game.
Knowing that, I recommend new players at least pick up “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero” before tackling “The Phantom Pain.” It makes the world seem less daunting. Plus, you actually start off liking Big Boss.
The best part about the game? It was released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, so if you haven’t upgraded, you can still experience “The Phantom Pain.”
My final thoughts? I’ve loved these games for years, and this being the final title to the series, I had high hopes. None of them were dashed.
The game is solid and for those who enjoy war titles or stealth titles, “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain” is the game for you.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your cardboard boxes and eye patches and go get some revenge.

The Greenlight project

An analysis on how indie video games are being released
Pessimistic Gamer
Guest Writer

While the majority of the gaming community is up in arms over what Activision is doing wrong on the new releases like “Call of Duty,” a small, but growing number of people are starting to discover the gaming community’s best kept secret: Indie Games.
Or more specifically, Steam Greenlight.
Steam Greenlight is a community based program where users of Steam, a client used for computer based gaming, can vote on what is added the Steam’s market place.
Popular games such as “Five Nights At Freddy’s,” “The Stanley Parable,” “McPixel,” and “continue?9876543210” are all results of the Greenlight project and have quite the following, but what does this mean?
It means that, even though indie games have been around for decades, the fans finally get to have a say directly in the gaming community.
Though games that have been released through this program really haven’t been my cup of tea, it’s interesting to see what fans really want.
I’m very surprised with the quality of games that’s been released and the amount of money that the games have made the creators. Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, commented on his games success, “As a game designer there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people enjoy something you’ve made (and scaring the crap out of them of course.) It’s a simple pleasure in life when you can launch someone out of a chair and it’s all captured on YouTube.”
There have been negative comments about how many games have been pushed out but the majority of the fans have been pleased.
If anyone is interested in any game on Greenlight, just go to and click on the banner that says Greenlight.

One of the most anticipated games of 2015

Evolve made by Turtle Rock Studios
Austin Gardner
Guest Writer

Evolve is one of the most anticipated games of 2015. The developer of the “Left for Dead” series, a game about cooperation to get through a level filled with zombies. Experience with this kind of cooperation helped them produce the game called “Evolve.” In this game, there are five players, four are hunters trying to kill the monster (there are 3 to choose from) that needs to evolve by eating other NPC animals.
The hunters are on the planet shear on the ”far arm of the galaxy.” The hunters were hired to kill the monsters by colonists that want to protect their homes. The game is a fairly gore filled game with all the monster blood. That’s why it is rated ‘M’ for mature with all the gore and the cursing.
IGN rated the game a 9/10. Gamespot rated it 8/10 and Steam rated it a 6/10. Evolve placed number one on the Uk software sales chart. IGN stated that “it is rare for a big multiplayer game to feel so considered and intelligent.”
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to play left for dead or wants to have the feeling of David and Goliath fight. This game makes you realize how small you actually are with all of the monsters that can kill you and your team in seconds. If the monster is used correctly it can be virtually un-killable. But that can be the same for the hunters.
This game has no story mode, though as long as you play this game with WiFi it is great, but if you play solo mode it is very hard because the artificial intelligence will hold you back from killing the monster, by getting stuck or never using their abilities correctly. Some people say that the game coming out with over 70 different Downloadable Content’s, they feel like they are being held back from content. The developers say that the reason is because they didn’t finish the content in time for the release of the game. But all and all the game is good graphic wise. And although the game play might start to feel repetitive after 2-3 hours of playing, the game is fun and I would suggest this game to all of my friends.

A different look at war

America’s most courageous sniper
Kaine LaChappelle
Guest Writer

American-Sniper-Movie-PosterU.S Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper) is sent to war after he is outraged with terrorist attacks happening on his own land. On his four tours he learns to have exceptional accuracy and earns the nickname “Legend” after saving countless lives on the battlefield.
After Kyle earns this nickname, his reputation isn’t just spread around his colleagues; his enemies also get to know his name. He becomes their prime target because he has killed many of their soldiers. While he did not like to kill, he did it to protect him, his brothers, and his country.
For the short amount of time he is at home, he faces quandaries between him and his family. His wife (played as Sienna Miller) wants him to come home and give their two kids a father.
Kyle however, has other plans. He wants to complete one last mission before resigning. On his fourth and last tour, he completes that mission. While under fire, he calls his wife and says “I’m ready to come home.” On his way back to a truck, a giant sandstorm hits. No one can see a thing. Scrambling to see and get to his truck, he’s shot in the leg. The truck starts to take off without him, so he drops his rifle, his helmet, and his bible to catch up to the truck.
In the beginning of the movie, it shows Chris and his dad hunting for deer. After Chris shoots a deer, he runs over to it and drops his gun in the dirt. His dad yells at him to never leave your rifle in the dirt. Even though, in the end he does.
After his long plane ride home, he can’t stop thinking about the war. When he’s at home, sitting by his TV, he hears the sounds of gunshots and explosions but nothing is playing. So he turns to a counselor at a local hospital to try and help. While he’s there, his counselor has him talk to other veterans that have been injured. He finds it comforting talking to them about war and how they got hurt. So to get his mind off war, he takes them out shooting. But one day, he takes out a man for shooting that has some mental disabilities that he was unaware of. That man ends up killing Chris Kyle on February 2, 2013. He thought Chris was a threat to him and everyone else.
This just proves you can’t see everything therefore, you can’t stop everything. I think Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller played very well as a couple. In the movie, Sienna thinks about leaving him, which did actually happen in real life. There are some pretty gory or violent parts that didn’t actually happen. In the movie, it shows Chris Kyle forcing himself to shoot a very young male who was trying to throw a grenade at fellow Marines.
Overall, I think this is a very good movie. It shows that war isn’t good like some people make it seem. War can leave you seeing things and doing things you don’t want to do. In the end, it can have you scarred. I would recommend this movie to anyone that knows what war actually is and that soldiers have to do what they must.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of water

The sea comes to shore
Caleb Vincent
Guest Writer


Life is great in the Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob Squarepants (Tom Kenny) and his friends Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke), Squidward (Rodger Bumpass), Mr. Krabs (Clancy Brown), and Sandy (Carolyn Lawrence). However when the Secret Recipe for Krabby Patties mysteriously disappears, the Bikini Bottom goes into panic. SpongeBob must join forces with the mischievous Plankton (Mr. Lawrence) and go above water to battle the evil Burger Beard (Antonio Banderas), who has his own plans for the delicious delicacies.
SpongeBob and Plankton build a time machine to travel through time in hopes of finding the secret recipe. But when they find themselves meeting a magical dolphin named Bubbles, who keeps the whole universe in balance. When they are told to watch over in place for the dolphin, they end up destroying a planet. Once the two of them return to the Bikini Bottom, it is in complete chaos. So SpongeBob and his team of friends emerge to shore with their friend Bubbles help.
Bubbles give them the ability to breathe on land. They use a magical book to give themselves super powers to defeat the evil Burger Beard. They have an intense battle with Burger Beard. During their struggle, Burger Beard uses his pirate ship/restaurant that is fully equipped with multiple cannons. He fires at SpongeBob missing most, when a cannon ball slips through the ring upon SpongeBob’s head and gets trapped in a bubble. SpongeBob uses his bubble ability to trap all the cannonballs in bubbles.
When Burger Beard tries to escape in his “ship on wheels,” the whole team starts to chase him down. Once they caught him Plankton, with his massive body and super strength, drop-kicked Burger Beard all the way to a small island. The team returns back to the Bikini Bottom with the secret recipe and everything goes back to normal. Plankton even goes back to his thievish ways and tries to steal the secret recipe. So the team emerges victorious from their intense battle with thee evil Burger Beard and everyone is happy, well except Burger Beard of course.
This is an excellent movie for everybody. I highly recommend it; the SpongeBob Movie is an Adventure/Comedy and is fun for all ages.

Director: Paul Tibbitt
Release date: February 6, 2015 (USA)
Music Composed by: John Debney
Screenplay: Glenn Berger, Jonathan Aibel
Story by: Paul Tibbitt

Not a game for angels, but for Saints

Gat out of HellSaint’s Row: Gat out of Hell review
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

Over the years, Saint’s Row progressively pushed the envelope and, big surprise, “Gat out of Hell” doesn’t hold much back. From a talking gun, to historical figures, and even a musical number, “Gat out of Hell” provides a memorable play through.
Making a return from SR4 are super powers, renamed ‘Arcane Powers’. The best addition is easily the Flight power. After being granted the Cracked Halo of Satan, you gain access to the Arcane Powers and are given a pair of Angel Wings. With the wings comes the ability to fly across the city, and all the fun that ensues. Just remember to watch your stamina bar or else you’ll end up pulling a nosedive.
As the title implies, this game’s primary backdrop is Hell and it measures about half the size of Steelport in Saint’s Row IV.
Soul Clusters take the place of SR4’s Data Clusters, and are used for the same purpose. Like previous SR installments, audio logs can be found and listened to. Some document characters, but most are D.S.O.G. (Damned Soul’s Orientation Guide), and those can get very funny.
The story arc gives you about a dozen cut scenes; the rest is all in-game scenes. It also differs from other games, because you don’t progress forward in the story until you fill up parts of the ‘Satan’s Wrath’ bar. This can be done by completing activities, taking over hoods, and blowing stuff up.
“Gat out of Hell” has you playing as Johnny Gat/Kenzie Kensington (players choice, and you’re able to switch between them) trying to save the president from marrying Satan’s daughter, Jezebel.
While you can play as either Kenzie or Johnny, you don’t have the option to customize them beyond Abilities and Arcane Power. The two differences in playing as one character over the other is dialogue spoken by that character, and that Johnny wields a pair of knives instead of fists.
The game references lore and mythology, even in its weapons. Named ‘The Seven Deadly Weapons’, they each represent the Seven Deadly Sins; Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, and Wrath. Each carry their own special something with it. My favorite is Sloth, represented as an easy chair with twin mini-guns and heat-seeking missiles.
While “Gat out of Hell” is considered a standalone expansion, it still provides 6-8 hours of chaos and hilarity. I clocked in at six and a half hours of gameplay with 90% of Hell overthrown, and 81% of total game completion, and I can say I never really got bored of it.
The story could have had more to it (as I mentioned, only a dozen or so cut scenes total), and the ending I had (there are five different endings) felt shallow and abruptly cut off, and the lack of any radio stations meant my phone was contently playing music.
That all being said, I would still recommend it because it is still a great game, with much fun to be had. Flying around on Angel Wings alone makes it all the more enjoyable.
The average price online for Gat out of Hell is $19.99. I have no regrets about buying it, and I don’t think anyone else would either.

**Side column**
Name: Chico
Platform: Xbox 360
Playtime: 6 hours, 38 minutes
Game Completion: 81%
Hell Overthrown: 90%
Story: Beaten
Score: 8.0/10

Dumb and Dumber To

A mindless flick
Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

The movie “Dumb and Dumber To” starred Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne and Jim Carrey as
Lloyd Christmas for the third installment of the prolonged series. The movie also stars Laurie Holden as Adele, Racheal Melvin as Penny Pichlow, and Rob Riggle as Travis and Captain Lippincott.
The movie is supposed to take place 20 years after the events of the first film. The film starts out with Harry visiting Lloyd in a mental hospital and Lloyd reveling that he pulled a prank on Harry for those past 20 years.
The plot of the movie is Lloyd finding out that Harry needs a kidney. Harry also discovers that he has a daughter named Penny through a letter from a woman that he had a one night stand with 20 years earlier. Harry figures that he could ask his daughter that he barely knows and just met, for a kidney.
The movie is packed full of crude, slapstick, and obnoxious humor. It had some action such as scenes involving cars and some fighting scenes.
One of the problems facing Harry and Lloyd is Lloyd finding his friend’s daughter attractive and not being able to hide it very well. That led to a scene were Harry and Lloyd almost lost their friendship.
The ending of the movie was a lot like the beginning. The movie followed two different character goals, one involved Harry trying to know his daughter better and the other involved the villains of the movie hoping to gain money off of a wealthy man’s death.
The tone of the movie was humorous and carried the subtype of a raunchy comedy.
Overall, I would not recommend this movie. The movie did not include any logic, which made it hard to watch. I recommend that those who chose to watch this movie watch the first one in order for this movie to make any sense. The first movie was dumb and the second movie was dumber.
Audience, on your way out of the movie theater, be prepared to lose a few brain cells from this movie.