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Story telling at its best

It is not often that a video game gets a perfect score. Many have come close, some have made it, but most are considered nothing more than average. However, after the release of the greatly anticipated Bioshock: Infinite, game critics were giving it the highly sought-after perfect score. After playing it, it’s easy to see why.

Bioshock: Infinite is the third installment in the critically acclaimed Bioshock franchise. Fans of the original games should not expect much of the same. Instead, Infinite stands on its own as a fresh approach to the kind of games flooding the market. Continue reading Story telling at its best

Not So Stealthy Ninjas

Ninjas are silent and shrouded in darkness by tradition, trained to be a knife in the shadows. Japanese folklore depicted ninjas as masters of magic, able to completely vanish into shadows without a trace, able to walk through walls along with a handful of other supernatural powers. In reality, this is not true. Ninjas were just highly trained and extremely talented individuals, but the imagination had taken hold of the tall tales of ninjas and created a genre of TV shows and games, especially in Japan, that solely focus on the shrouded assassins. Continue reading Not So Stealthy Ninjas

Admission movie review

Admission is a movie that has an educational and comedic view of the college admission process. It’s a good movie to get a better idea on what and how colleges choose students.

Admission stars Tina Fey as Portia Nathan, a serious and no nonsense college admission consular from Princeton, and Paul Rudd as John Pressman, a free spirited dean and father at an alternative high school. Both characters differ on their opinions of children. Tina fey and Paul Rudd, who are equally talented comedic performers, deliver believable roles Continue reading Admission movie review

News Flesh

Very prevalent in almost any zombie universe is that everyone you know and love is dead. The population is reduced to a few embittered, nearly broken shambles of survivors. No cell phones, internet, electricity (save for those with a generator) and generally your toilet is a hole in the ground. Everything is a fight and you can’t help but sympathize with the hopelessness.

Different than many popular living dead incarnations, Feed features Continue reading News Flesh

A not so incredible comedy

A star filled cast, an interesting plot and a feel-good message – what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot can.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, directed by Don Scardino, stars Steve Carell as the title character, who is an old-school Vegas magician and fading celebrity. Wonderstone and his partner Anton Marvelton, played by Steve Buscemi, have been performing the same act at the same hotel for years, while remaining completely oblivious to the changes in their field. Jim Carrey plays Steve Gray, and up-and-coming street magician and obvious spoof of Criss Angel. Gray has been steadily putting magicians like Wonderstone out of business with his televised stunts and grotesque tricks. Now, Wonderstone has to save his act, partnership and rediscover his passion for magic, or fade into obscurity.  Continue reading A not so incredible comedy

One choice to satisfy the rest of your life

Imagine that before you’re even old enough to attend college, you’re required to make a decision that will determine everything you can eat, wear, say, do or think for the rest of your lives. Sounds bleak.

Divergent was the book that truly made me stop over-thinking whether a Kindle was a worthwhile purchase. 576 pages of print melted away well within the confines of standard business days. Immediately following, the sequel was in my possession. One who is a fan of young adult novels will truly enjoy this one. Continue reading One choice to satisfy the rest of your life

A far cry from paradise

With spring break just around the corner many students are thinking of a tropical paradise far from the chill of winter. That is what Jason Brody was planning on with his troop of friends, but what he got is something that could never have been anticipated. After sky diving to a remote island for a grand finale to their vacation, a battalion of pirates show up and round off their visitors. The island that Jason and his friends landed on is Rook Island, and this is the pirate’s island. Jason narrowly escapes the prison at the cost of his brother’s life. Now Jason has a mission: save his friends from the pirates or die trying.

Continue reading A far cry from paradise

Fee-fi-fo-fum, this movie isn’t much fun.

Jack the Giant Slayer, the most recent addition to the genre of modernized fairy tales, is a CGI driven adventure film made for the whole family…or is it?

The film, directed by Bryan Singer, is inspired by the stories Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer. The script takes liberties to appeal to today’s audiences, thus resulting in a disappointing and rather dull experience.

Continue reading Fee-fi-fo-fum, this movie isn’t much fun.