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Jordan Royal Circus Performs at McMorran

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Death defying tricks delight audiences
D.J. Palm
Staff Writer
Glow sticks and cotton candy filled the hands of parents and children as the Jordan World Circus was in Port Huron entertaining guests at McMorran Place Arena this past Monday.
The first act of the night was nothing short of a bravery show as a man only identified as “Bruno” would be by himself in an octagon cage surrounded by 7 tigers sitting patiently on their stools, waiting for direction to execute their tricks.
The following act was the always entertaining spinning wheel. A contraption with two circular openings on each end of a steel beam for the entertainers to perform their tricks either on the inside or on the outside of the opening as it swings like a 360 degree pendulum. A daring sight to see was when one of the entertainers put on a blindfold and was able to keep his balance as he would reach higher than the McMorran scoreboard running on the outside frame of the wheel.
Even though most of the segments went without errors, the only mishap of the night would belong to Spiderman. The web slinger was hoisted to the ceiling of the arena wrapped in bungee cords. A twirling fall from the rafters swung him right into a light stand where the sound of crashing glass along with audience reaction, echoed off the green brick wall of McMorran. No worries kids. Spiderman was not phased. He would go onto finish his act and was not injured.
At intermission, children would be allowed on the circus floor where they could participate in riding ponies, get their faces painted getting their picture taken with a snake around their shoulders, and of course, elephant rides.
Courtney Foster, a 17 year old student at Landmark Academy, attended the event for the 2nd straight year. “I loved the acrobats.” Foster said. “The one girl hung from the bar by her mouth spinning so fast I cringed.”
Molly Lerma, a 5th grade student at Roosevelt Elementary, would differ from Foster’s point of view in saying, “I liked the dirt bike riders in the big metal cage, at the end when one of the riders was a girl that was surprising.”

Time to get hammered

StPatty Day 1
Facts to know about Pub Crawl 2015
Angie Stoecklin

This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday, leaving many Port Huron residents to celebrate the holiday on Saturday, March 14 in the form of Pub Crawl.
Pub Crawl is an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration that features a party bus that takes patrons from bar to bar to get their drink on. The event starts at 1 p.m. after the annual St. Patty’s Day parade on Main Street in downtown Port Huron.
Party bus wristbands are sold for $10 in advance and $15 on the day of Pub Crawl, according to
For those who wish to participate in Pub Crawl, but for alcohol related reasons cannot drive home after the event, Mainstreet Lodge and Suites located at 514 Huron Ave. will be offering special rates for their rooms; $79.99 for a double bed or a single king or queen, $89.99 for a Jacuzzi suite, and $99.99 for a family suite.
Want to celebrate the event but not interested in the party bus? Just join in at the following Pub Crawl locations:

-Active Lounge
-Brass Rail
-Casey’s Pizza and Subs
-Fuel Woodfire Grill
-Huron Athletic Club
-Jack’s Tavern
-Lynches Irish Tavern
-McMorran Place heated beer tent
-Military Street Music Café
-Office Lounge
-The Outpost
-Rix on the Rocks
-Roche Bar
-Zebra Lounge

While they are not on the list for Pub Crawl locations, Thumbcoast Brewing Company on Quay Street will be having a St. Patty’s day celebration of their own called the Pub “Stand” Party. The Thumbcoast party features a tap release of a new beer called Dubghaill’s Irish Stout, which will be served on nitro, as well as live music with Celtic Cross. Thumbcoast will also have St. Patrick’s Day dinner specials including but not limited to Rabbit Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, and Scotch Eggs.

For advance tickets to the party bus, go to any participating businesses, the Blue Water Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Mainstreet Port Huron office.
To reserve a special rate room for Pub Crawl at Mainstreet Lodge and Suites, call (810) 824-4042.

Elementary school students grow up onstage

T.E.D.Y. presents The Edge of The Nest
Kiera Snyder
Guest Writer

TheEdgeOfTheNest“The Edge of the Nest” is a production shown a few weeks ago by T.E.D.Y. (Thomas Edison Drama Youth), and is a unique story of growing up.
T.E.D.Y. has lasted for 7 years; each year putting on a different production directed by Renee Barr and is acted by grades 3-5. As many of us know, growing up has many challenges such as the first day of school, meeting a new babysitter, driving, and getting a job.
“The Edge of the Nest” tells stories about all these exciting events with countless laughs and numerous characters.
Brianna Snyder, an actor in “The Edge of the Nest” and a fifth grader from Port Huron, had some thoughts on the acting experience.
“I played Willimina Hinkle, who is the president of the International Association of Babysitting, and I played Cindy, who was in drivers training,” Snyder said.
“I think it was an exciting experience, especially when you would stand onstage or offstage waiting for your turn to go on stage.”
The next T.E.D.Y. production will be next year in or around February of 2016. Be on the watch for advertisements and information about Thomas Edison Drama Youth.

Port Huron kids “Web It Up!”

P.H.C.T. presents “Charlotte’s Web”
Lauren Poosch
Guest Writer

CharlottesWebOn Jan. 29 through Feb. 1, P.H.C.T. (Port Huron Civic Theatre) performed the play “Charlotte’s Web” based off of the story “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. The play was performed at the McMorran Theatre, and was directed by Joe Helton.
Kiera Snyder, 12, of Port Huron, said, “I played Spectator 3 in Charlotte’s Web. Being backstage was awesome. Watching everyone play their parts and waiting to go onstage is the best feeling. I really enjoyed being a part of this production and would love to be in another P.H.C.T. play!” This was Kiera’s first production in Port Huron Civic Theatre and she hopes to be in plenty more. This experience is great for anyone, and everyone is welcome to audition.
“Death of a Salesman” is the next play being shown by P.H.C.T. and the show dates are May 8, 9, and 10 at the McMorran theatre. The play is directed by Michael Timm and is produced by Kaari Keivit.
There is an upcoming audition for the play “Zombie Prom” this summer for kids of the ages 13-18 and the performance will be this August at the McMorran Theatre. There are still open positions for the director, musical director, and choreographer.
I think that theatre is a great experience for everyone and I strongly recommend auditioning. If you don’t want to be on stage, sign up for backstage work. Civic theatre is a wonderful experience and it teaches you teamwork and how to deal with people.

Pros and cons of year round school

Should schools be year round?
Payton Wiley
Guest Writer

Could year round schools be for the better, or worse? Many students might not like the idea of having to go to school in the summer, but many good things can come from the new school calendar; there’s more time for family and friends, the student won’t forget everything after summer from the shortened break, and teachers can get more up to date with planning as students would have breaks throughout the year.
For starters, many students, myself included, may feel overwhelmed with school and not have any time for sports, clubs, family and possibly friends. With the year round school’s calendar, on for 45 days and off for 14 days, a student can get caught up on homework over the weekends or after school. While on break for two weeks, they can spend time with family.
School takes up more of a student’s time than a teacher may realize; we have to study, read, do the work, research, etc., while parents may be at work. When the parents come home, students might still be working on homework. Once the student is done, he or she may or may not have to eat dinner, do sports, church meetings, clubs, or meetings in general. After they get home, it could be time for bed- and this happens often. With the year round calendar, students can do work after school, then while on break, can spend time doing as they feel.
Let’s face it, we all love summer. There’s no school, no homework, and everyone can sit back and relax. With the two months students and teachers get off, we can, and do, forget most of what we learned the year previous. This then takes time out of the teacher’s agenda. The teacher would have to recap on a lot of things, and possibly reteach to the students who don’t know or understand the lesson. When all of this is going on, some students who do know the lesson would get review, or become bored. This can get very frustrating for many. If we do get year round schooling, once our two week break is over, teachers would only have to touch up on some items instead of going over the whole lesson. Also, the two weeks off can give students a much needed time for studying and preparing for tests.
People can become overwhelmed with paperwork very easily. If a teacher takes one day away from correcting tests, he or she could become a week behind on paperwork. Unfortunately, teachers only get two days off from the weekdays, and a few hours after school for correcting. If the teacher does take this time to finish work that could take away time from family, friends, recreation, and free time. Year round calendars would change that; the two weeks off, like written previously, could be used for the lesson planning, correcting papers, or organization. This would not only be better for the student, but also teachers.
Although, there are many cons with the year round schooling. One of the biggest complaints I hear teachers and parents rant about is the cost. Year round schooling would need money for air conditioning in the hot areas, and heat in the cooler areas. Money would also have to go towards supplies. Teachers would need more paper, pencils, pens, etc, while the students would need a place to work, sports equipment, supplies for the school year, etc. But instead of focusing on the negative, I was always told to focus on the positive; year round schooling would be for the better, not worse.
Although many people may think that year round schooling may be worse for our district, it could actually be for the benefit. If we look at the logic behind each reason, a student would have more time for friends, family, clubs, he or she wouldn’t forget everything, and the teacher could get up to date with work and planning.

Year round schooling

Should schools be year round?
Audrey Miller
Guest Writer

Year round school is a topic sweeping across the nation. Some argue over whether this would be a good idea or not for the education of America’s youth.
Here are some of the bright sides to year round school.
After the long summer, kids in the original school calendar forget much of the work and things they’ve learned. If this happens they could have trouble learning new skills involving the things they’ve already learned but have forgotten. In a year round school system, short breaks would make it easier to remember the skills they’ve learned and might need for future experiences.
Another reason for the year round school program possibly being a good idea for schools is the teachers being able to be up to date with the activities and work they’re doing. With the school system in place now, many of the teachers get buried with work to do and often spend weekends grading student’s papers that they couldn’t get to during the school week. Plus there would be no end of the year cleanout and would provide year round work for lunch ladies and janitors.
Now after hearing the pros of year round school, let’s hear some of the cons to it.
Even though year round school has many advantages it could not be exactly perfect for all students. It could get in the way of students extra activities, holidays, or vacations causing a lot of make-up work, that if the student doesn’t do could lower their grades. Grades are very important they’re what get us to the places we want to be and a student’s future depends on them.
Another reason that year round school could be a problem is for going to school for three weeks straight could put a lot of stress on a student, lowering their work performance. Year round school is different from normal school in many ways but there is no significant difference in the IQ of students who go to the original school, and the new year round calendar.
Students in the year round schools could also become more anxious to go outside instead of learning because of no long term breaks like summer. With them focusing less on school once again, grades could drop.
Money for year round schools would cost much more too. It would cost a lot more to keep the schools running year round for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. They would have to keep the schools cooled and warmed over the short breaks too.
Another problem would be for teens especially. Teens who earn their own money would have a huge problem with this with no summer break, they couldn’t get any jobs. Without jobs they couldn’t earn any money for the things they need like clothes, textbooks if needed, and for high school students, gas for their cars. Teens without jobs might have a harder time getting hired as adults with no experience on their resumes.
Well now after hearing the bright side and the not so good sides of year round school, you can decide for yourself. What would be the right thing for the education of American students? What will you choose?

Rachel’s Challenge – you can make a difference

Rachel’s story
Luna S. Wahowske
Guest Writer

17-year-old, Rachel Joy Scott was the first student to be killed at the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. She knew that she wouldn’t live long and that she was going to die young, but not before she created a challenge.
The challenge is to start a chain reaction of kindness. Rachel’s words for that challenge are, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.”
Rachel was kind and courteous to others and always reached out to those in need, especially the new kids at school. Almost everyone was kind to Rachel and she returned the favor. Many kids reacted differently to Rachel’s story.
Some of the kids cried and sadly others laughed at how Rachel was killed. Perhaps they just couldn’t deal with that emotional state and needed to add some humor for them so they didn’t feel so sad, at least that’s my guess. My reaction to Rachel’s story was that I was sad to hear how she died and knowing that she made that challenge I decided that I would take part in it.
Rachel Joy I believe was a very special girl. The way her story touched my heart was extraordinary. If you were to just tell me her name I probably would’ve forgotten her by now, but at the assembly they told us the whole story. I will never forget about the girl that believed that she could change the world but she couldn’t do it alone. She was unique in her own way. Sadly she somehow knew that she wouldn’t live a long and happy life. She knew that her time was coming soon. And she didn’t deny it.
I honestly hope that while she was here that she lived her life to the fullest. I could explain how much she helped me even though she isn’t here with many more pages but I won’t. Please help in Rachel’s challenge. She has done so much for everyone that she saw and knew and I just want to tell everyone about what an extraordinary girl she was and is. Just because she is gone doesn’t mean she is still not with us in our time of need. I must also say that Rachel’s family did a heck of a good job raising her. So thank you for shaping her into the fantastic girl she was.
So, show kindness and compassion to others because you never really know what is happening to them and what their life is like. Always lend a hand to those in need, and always remember that you could start a chain reaction of kindness.

Rachel’s Challenge

An organization put together to help put bullying to an end
Evie Clause
Guest Writer

Rachel’s Challenge, a group put together based on a sad tragedy to try and put an end to bullying, visited Port Huron Schools on Tuesday, Feb. 10 to try and prevent bullying in not only schools, but everywhere in the community.
They started this after the horrible massacre happened at Columbine High School in Colorado on April 20, 1999, where 12 students and 1 teacher were murdered, and 21 others were injured by two students who had entered the school during the day planning to hurt many.
Rachel always knew she was going to make an impact and change the world. Fort Gratiot Middle School student Lauren Poosch, 13, from Port Huron said, “It was a very inspirational and touching speech. It makes you think about how your actions could affect one another. I really enjoyed this assembly.” Rachel accomplished her dream and is still helping others around the world today.
Rachel had many dreams about how to spread kindness to others and how to make the world a better place for everyone.
After the tragic event, one day her dad was looking through her stuff and happened to find an old crumbled up English paper that was never turned in behind her bed. He opened it up, and the paper was all about how to spread happiness and how to be kind.
It also included five goals that we could try to accomplish. Those goals were, “dream big and believe in yourself, be kind to others, practice positive gossip, show appreciation to those you love, and be the answer.”
Rachel also wanted the reader to start a chain reaction, once you start doing Rachel’s challenges, try to get others to join you.
Rachel wanted others to be inspired, touched, and helped by her and her message. She had drawn a hand on the back of her dresser when she was younger and inside she wrote “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people’s hearts.” She has made a large impact on the lives of many.
Rachel was always such a happy person that had big dreams. She knew she would make them come true. Rachel was a strong person and she stood up for not only herself but others. She would sacrifice herself for another person.
A few days after Rachel’s funeral, Rachel’s dad got a strange call from a man he didn’t know that said he was having a reoccurring dream about his daughter and it was very odd, but Rachel’s father never really thought twice about it until he picked up his daughter’s backpack from the police station. Rachel’s dad went through her bag, only to find a drawing in the back of a notebook that had 13 teardrops coming from a pair of eyes in the sky. This picture described the man’s dream. The 13 drops represent the number of lives that were taken by two former students at that horrifying event. Near the bottom of the drawing was a rose growing, as if the tears were creating new life and helping someone or something.
Rachel was a very inspirational girl that has helped many by spreading kindness and love to all. She wanted to start a chain reaction, a reaction of compassion, love, and hope to help others.

Do you accept the challenge?

Middle school students learn about Rachel’s Challenge
Karlee McNutt and Amelia Suiter
Guest Writers

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, an assembly was held at Fort Gratiot Middle School for all students and staff who attend FGMS. Colleen Kirk, guest speaker, came to talk about Rachel’s Challenge and to inform the students about kindness and Rachel’s dream.
Rachel was a normal teenage girl who attended Columbine High School. She loved to help people who were being bullied or didn’t have many friends at her school. But she knew she was going to die young.
April 20, 1999, the worst school shooting occurred in U.S history. Rachel was the first to die, along with 12 other students and teachers. Rachel’s parents were devastated.
Rachel believed in compassion and kindness. She had a theory; a theory that she could start a chain reaction of kindness, that she could change the world.
Rachel challenged the world to do five things that would start a chain reaction: look for the best in others, dream big, choose positive influences, speak with kindness, and start your own chain reaction.
Most students at FGMS thought that the assembly would help them start a chain reaction of kindness. Even if it’s as simple as smiling to someone you don’t know. Simple act of kindness could turn a bad day into a good day.
“I think Rachel’s Challenge was very inspiring. I think that it will help me start a chain reaction of my own. Although it was helpful, it was sad to learn about Rachel and how she died,” said Jessica Remick, 12, of Fort Gratiot.
Another student at FGMS, Andrew Raymo, 11, of Fort Gratiot, said, “There was a great message behind Rachel’s Challenge and it will help me start a chain reaction of my own to help the world become a better place.”
Most students at FGMS thought that the presentation helped them become a better person and care for the world and its people in a better way.
The halls of Fort Gratiot Middle School have become a kinder environment for students and staff because of Rachel’s Challenge and we hope everybody around the world will make an effort to do the same.

Rachel’s chain

rachel scott
Rachel’s Scott’s hands touch the hearts of students at Fort Gratiot Middle School
Paige Cronce and Amber Sharrow
Guest Writers

On Tuesday, February 10, Colleen Kirk came to fort Gratiot Middle School to share with students about a young woman named Rachel Scott; a girl whose heart was as big as her dreams for the world. She wanted to affect the lives of many people, but she had a feeling that she would die at a young age, and she did.
On April 20, 1999, Rachel and 12 others were killed in the columbine high school shooting Denver Colorado. Their families were absolutely devastated. Many students feel that it was a great assembly that made many kids realize how important it is to treat others with kindness.
Paige Cronce, 12, from Port Huron, is one of the students that have recently been chosen to be in the F.O.R club, which stands for “Friends of Rachel.”
“I think the F.O.R club is a great program,” said Cronce, “we are just starting up, but we plan to change our school for the better.” The F.O.R. club at Fort Gratiot Middle School has been doing things to make others smile, like putting notes on their lockers.
“Ever since the assembly, people have been acting nicer and trying to make a difference,” said Fort Gratiot Middle School student Amber Sharrow. And she’s not the only one that thinks so; many students have seen a change in the attitudes of their peers.
“After the Rachel’s challenge presentation, I have seen more people go out of their way to help others, and [they are] trying to be more like Rachel,” says Payton Wiley, another student from Fort Gratiot Middle School. Also many people were inspired to follow their dreams.
During the assembly, the students learned about how Rachel wanted to make a difference in the world. As a result, people have been coming up with ways to do the same. If only everyone could hear the life-changing story of Rachel Joy Scott, this world would be so full of love. So, as Rachel advised, let’s start a chain reaction of kindness to make the world a better place.