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A big heart in a young kid

Student collects hygiene products for homeless
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
Imagine being a high school student, a college student, working part time and collecting items for local homeless shelters all at the same time. This is exactly what seventeen year old Macy Wurmlinger is doing.
The Landmark Academy and St. Clair County Community College student was researching when she came across an article that pointed out there is a desperate need for feminine hygiene products amongst the homeless, when she came up with the idea to collect hygiene products in general for the local homeless shelters.
“I have always cared about homeless people since I was a little girl and even more so since I’ve become more exposed to how prevalent the problem is,” Wurmlinger said.
In 2014 MidCity Nutrition served more than 1,661 individuals from the area. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that in Michigan 12,227 people were homeless in a single night.
Collecting items was an easy decision for Wurmlinger to make. With the support of her friends, coworkers, family and community this project has gone over well so far. “My parents have been so supportive! They’ve been helping collect things and have helped me organize everything!”
Partnering with local radio station 88.3 FM located at 2865 Maywood Drive in Port Huron, Wurmlinger is having any items donated dropped off at the station. She is taking the items to Pathways and MidCity Nutrition in Port Huron. Collecting will be continuing until the end of May. Wurmlinger is hoping that this project will help motivate more people to help out and make a difference in our community.

Criminal Justice teacher adds dose of real life to class

Students challenged to solve double homicide case
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Criminal Justice is not a new program to SC4, but the idea of having a class solve an active homicide case is. Lecturer David King, 65 of Port Huron, has been teaching Criminal Justice full time at SC4 for the last two years. King, who has 35 years of experience in Law Enforcement, has challenged his classes to try and solve the murder of James and Christine McKeogh that took place in Clinton Township Jan 14.
“I thought it would be an interesting way to keep them engaged in this class, and in real world criminal justice stuff,” King said. “The timing of this particular high-profile crime, in relative close proximity to our campus, might present an opportunity for us to discuss the case and for my students to ask me questions; ‘What do you suppose the police are looking for?’, ‘What do you suppose they’re doing now?’, ‘What might their plan of attack be, in terms of the investigation?’”
The case is still currently unsolved by police or anyone else.
One freshman student, who wished to remain anonymous, said “I think it’s an interesting concept to solve an actual murder, but I think it’s very difficult to get all the facts on the outside of the investigation. It’s pretty much a guessing game.”
George Harris, 18, who is taking Intro to Criminal Justice under a different teacher, said, “The idea to solve a murder in-class sounds really old-school and cool. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it other than on a T.V. show.”
“Whatever our students do here at SC4, I strongly encourage them to finish their Associates Degree before they go on to do anything else. Once you have that degree, no one can take it away from you. I want to say this to our Criminal Justice students: As a former police chief and hiring agent, if I have the choice between someone that doesn’t have a college degree and one that does, and all other things are equal, I’ll take the individual that has the college degree,” King said.

Choral chords corralled

SC4 choir opens arms to community members
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Choir is no longer a credit course, but open to the community.
Jim Neese, the associate dean of instruction, made the decision to remove choir from the credit course list before the start of the Fall 2014 semester. Neese said choir had not been reaching its enrollment requirement for a few semesters and after consulting with the previous choir director, Cheryl Kaski, Neese moved with the decision.
Enrollment should be 25 students per semester, but the choir class was only reaching 12-13 students consistently.
Kaski said choir’s credit was originally optional when she first began teaching at SC4 three years ago. When it became mandatory that all students be enrolled in the course, their numbers were hurt. She said the enrollment slowly grew since then because she believed students realized the importance of “being part of a team to reach a common goal.”
Kaski sees the benefits of a community choir but says she has had students express that they miss the opportunity to sing during the day because they work at night.
Former choir student, Emily Fisher, 17, said, “That class was stress relieving, peaceful and my “home on campus” if you will. I miss that class with all my heart.”
Choir is not the first class to be handled like this for lack of enrollment.
SC4 band was removed from the credit course list several years ago. The band is now open to students as well as members of the community. Neese said the band has been doing extremely well since they removed the credit.
Students always have the option to petition the reinstatement of the credit. They must present 30 signatures and ensure there will be 30 students enrolled in the class. But for now, choir I, II, III and IV have transformed into the SC4 Community Choir.
Celeste Skalnek, Coordinator of the Arts, organized the new School for the Performing Arts which includes the SC4 Community Choir. Choir is now under the instruction of Carly VanDyke, who is also the choir director at Port Huron Northern High School.
The SC4 Community Choir had 23 members this semester. And for anyone interested in joining those 23 members, the community choir is open to anyone ages 16 and up. SC4’s choir meets Mondays from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building in rooms 60 and 26. They perform throughout the academic semester.
A $25 fee is required to join. You can register for choir on the SC4 Portal under non-credit courses. Walk in registrations and phone in registrations are accepted as well. Karen Jezewski, Secretary of Humanities, is in charge of choir registration and can be found in the office of the Fine Arts Building.
A small group from the choir along with SC4’s symphonic band and jazz band will be performing Dec. 14 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Fine Arts Theatre. Admission is $7, but free for students with their SkipperOne card.
A free show featuring the whole choir will be performed the following evening, Dec. 15, from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Fine Arts Theatre. This Holiday concert will have refreshments to follow the entertainment.

A club for business majors

Marketing and Management Club
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

President of the Marketing and Management club Delani Thibodeau, 19, described the club as, “a club for business orientated and marketing majors that helps students learn marketing and management techniques. It opens the doors for marketing and long term associates in the business field.”
M&M has hosted one event so far in the semester. The club sold roses and chocolate for Sweetest Day in the Main Building. They also ran the registration table at the Making Strides against Cancer fundraiser walk on Oct. 11. M&M put forth volunteer work at Stress Breaker by painting pumpkins and handing them out.
The future holds more events for the members of M&M, as they are currently planning a “bowling event for the children of Port Huron at the Cypress Place,” said Thibodeau. In addition to the bowling event, the club will be volunteering at the 2014 Business Expo held at the Double Tree hotel in Port Huron.
M&M has Countdown to Career, a hit in the past years, being planned right now for some time in the spring.
M&M meets every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Main Building, in room 112.
New members are always welcome.

Capturing memories

Introducing Katie Weatherly


by Katie Weatherly.

Without any memory exercise, the ability to recall different sorts of information by only focusing on her memory comes innate to Katie Weatherly.

During her young age, Weatherly, would shock her mother mentioning finest details of past happenings. About third grade, Weatherly was taken to the doctor and submitted to some exams, which pointed to the so – called photographic memory. Continue reading Capturing memories

The Adventures of Tiffany and Clark

Tiffany and Clark Higgins are not only SC4 business majors. For the past three years she and her husband have written and illustrated three children’s books, and are currently working on their first chapter book.

Tiffany and Clark Higgins finishing up another day at SC4 before they return home to continue working on their new book. Photo credit: Angela StoecklinFor Tiffany, writing has always been a passion. “I told my mother when I was a little girl that I want to write a book when I grow up.” At the age of 30, she accomplished her dream and published her first book, We‘ve Seen Santa. Continue reading The Adventures of Tiffany and Clark

Zack Penzien

Zack Penzien

Production Editor

Zack Penzien places everyone’s hard work on the page. Penzien runs a D&D game when he is not at school. He collects comics and DVDs, and draws stuff to put on the internet at He was far too happy that the “Lord of the Rings” extended cut DVD had a two disk documentary.

Welcome back fellow students!

Welcome back fellow students!

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

Temperatures are slowly dropping, the leaves are changing, and the SC4 parking lot is packed to the brim.

Huh, must be time for the fall semester. And time for the Erie Square Gazette to make its somewhat glorious return.

Did you miss us? We missed you.

We missed you so much that we wish you would stop in and visit us. If up for it, we can be found in room 123 of the Main Building.

The ESG meets every Thursday at 2 p.m.

Not a writer? We welcome photographers and cartoonists too.

So, don’t be afraid to drop in. We don’t bite…much.



Twana Pinskey

Twana Pinskey

Managing Editor

Twana Pinskey is a SC4, Phi Theta Kappa honors graduate (May 2012) with a degree in Communications Media-Journalism. She is currently a broadcasting student at SC4. She will complete her broadcasting degree in May of 2013. She is the B.W.A.A (Blue Water Alumni Association) Vice President for 2012-2013.