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SC4 Alumni finish the Charity Hockey series

Alumni hockey team vs. Port Huron Police Department
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

On March 12, the SC4 Alumni hockey players faced the Port Huron Police Department on the ice at McMorran arena for charity. The PHPD teamed up with and against the SC4 alumni to raise money for the local D.A.R.E. program and the Alumni foundation.
This is the second year that the SC4 Alumni has paired up with the PHPD for the Charity Hockey series. Other opponents from the 2014-15 season have been the Blue Water Young Professionals, Port Huron Northern High School Band and Alumni, and Port Huron High School Band and Alumni. However, the game against the PHPD was the last in this year’s series.
Although the SC4 Alumni did manage to score a couple times, they lost to the PHPD with the final score of 2-6.
According to head of Port Huron’s D.A.R.E. program officer Adrianne Mynsberg, “We try to do a game every year and if SC4 wants we’d be happy to do it again.” This means that the SC4 Alumni will most likely get a rematch next year.

What are SC4 students’ plans for spring break?

Springing forward for a look at spring break
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

As the winter 2015 semester drags on, there is one thing on every student’s mind – spring break. In just a couple weeks, beginning on Friday, April 3 and ending Sunday, April 12, students will have an entire week off without classes. But what are students going to do with their time off?
Out of a survey of 19 students, 32% stated that they would be busy working over their spring break. Sophomore Christine Gwisdala, 19, said, “I’m working at my internship Monday through Thursday.” Gwisdala interns at, an online local news station.
Though the majority of the surveyed students, 63%, stated that they were not going anywhere for spring break, some students plan on travelling over the week. One of these students is sophomore Riley Niver, 19.
Niver said, “I’m going to CMU to visit my boyfriend for the week. I’m excited since I don’t get to see him a lot. We’re just going to binge watch Netflix and cook stuff.”
Jess Grey, 22, also plans on travelling during the break. “I plan on travelling to South Carolina to visit my grandmother,” Grey said.
A lot of students will be stuck at home this spring break, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be having fun. Sarah Zimmer, 21, sophomore, said that she plans on hanging out with her friends at one of the local beaches.
With or without plans, the consensus from the students is universal: everyone can’t wait for spring break.

Stressbreaker takes over the cafeteria

Student Government hosts Stressbreaker
Angie Stoecklin

This semester Stressbreaker’s “Game” theme sparked lines of students at various corners of IMG_0126 the cafeteria on Wednesday, March 18.
The event featured hard hitting activities such as guitar hero, PTK’s Buzz Feed quizzes, chair massages from employees of Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage, and psychic readings from psychic consultants Robert and Pamela Taylor.
Student Government also brought in local DJ and SC4 alumni Matt Gossman, 24, of Port Huron.
“It’s cool to see the stuff that SC4’s student government is putting on and I’m glad to be a part of it,” Gossman said.
Gossman’s DJ set up was more than that, he also had a photo booth and a karaoke machine set up for anyone who felt the need to express their singing talents.
The activities inspired many smiles and encouragement for future Stressbreaker events. SC4 Freshman Trevor Lumpkins, 19, of Port Huron played drums on the WSGR sponsored Guitar Hero game. After many laughs and musical enjoyment, Lumpkins said, “we need to do this more often.”
Stressbreaker takes place every semester and is always completely free. Keep checking the Portal this fall for the date of the next one!

Calling all Criminal Justice Majors

The Criminal Justice club wants to help YOU network
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
The Criminal Justice club helps the members with many things, networking being a top priority. On March 6, the club did just that.
At around 10:30 a.m., Terrance Warner, president of the Criminal Justice club, led the twenty SC4 students into the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters to meet safety officers and learn about internships. “The goal to go down there was getting people ideas on how to prepare for a job. This was a trip for people who were trying to seek employment; this was a way for them to gain experience, “Warner said.
Warner mentioned that he was able to find a job at the Huron House, because of the Criminal Justice club’s advisor Jim Jones. “The whole goal is get people networked in this area, or within the state of Michigan,” Warner added.
Warner also knows how busy student schedules can get, having spent two years at SC4 so far, siting that as the reason for having meetings set up the way they are.
The Criminal Justice club meets every second and fourth week in the month, and the meeting days are Tuesday and Wednesday 11 a.m. to Noon. The meetings will be held in room 207A in the North Building.
Hunter Garth, 19 and a sophomore studying Criminal Justice, said “I considered the Criminal Justice club, but I would never have time to help out. That being said, I think what they do is great for CJ majors. I’ll be waiting for more events or trips they host in hopes that I can attend.”
According to Robert Barks, 23 and pursuing Liberal Arts, the Criminal Justice club “has been around forever” and had “a friend that was in it a long time ago. He enjoyed it, but I don’t know what happened to him.” Barks added, “The meeting times back then didn’t work with my schedule or I might have given it a try for shits and giggles.”

It’s Moving Day

Lily Article One Stop
One stop student center services relocate to M-TEC building
Lily Petit
Staff Writer
Student services are packing up their boxes and walking across campus. The one stop student center is in the process of moving from the Acheson Technology Center to the M-TEC building.
The move helps students in a variety of ways according to Vice President of Student Services, Pete Lacey. The M-TEC building is more spacious with an upper and lower level, allowing the majority of student services to be located in one building. SC4’s testing center is already located in the M-TEC building as well as SC4’s university partners. With the addition of advising in the M-TEC building, communication between the university partners and advising will be easier than ever. Discussing and planning transferring from SC4 to certain universities will now be done with ease.
SC4 has been discussing moving student services for the past two years said Lacey. They settled on the M-TEC building after reviewing other colleges and university student service centers according to Lacey.
The M-TEC building’s current occupants will be moving to make space for student services. The radiological technology, health information technology, EMT, paramedic, firefighter and SC4’s workforce development can now be found in the ATC building.
Remaining in the ATC building will be SC4’s library and the Blue Water Middle College offices. However, the BWMCA office is moving to a different room within the ATC building says Lacey. The director of BWMCA, Pete Spencer, confirms that the Blue Water Middle College will be gaining a more spacious room within the building.
All services should be settled in their proper place by this May says Lacey. Advising has already moved the M-TEC building. Check-in for appointments is on the first floor, while the advising offices are on the second floor.
To keep up with all the moving services and programs visit

Think outside the box

IMG_2059Beat boxing Violinist Rodney Page performs at SC4

Mel Buskirk

Copy Editor

The performer of the latest installment of SC4’s Noon & Night Concert series captured the audience with a spectrum of musical talents. Rodney Lamar Page entertained students, children, and the elderly alike with his wide range of skills from classical violin, to freestyle rap, to beat boxing.

Page grew up in a suburb of Detroit. His mother encouraged him to pick up a violin at the age of ten, and his journey into his love of music and his musical talent began. In his spare time, he also learned how to play the piano. His skills aren’t limited to classically trained instruments.

In order to help him get through college, Page learned how to DJ at local clubs. Through the encouragement of his friends, he mixed his violin music and his disc jockey-ing to create a one of a kind sound. Always keeping an open mind, Page learned how to freestyle rap and beat box for similar reasons.

Page keeps an open mind about music and life. He wishes to spread that attitude to his audience. Instead of wearing a tuxedo to the Noon & Night performance, his attire consisted of what someone would wear day to day. Throughout the show, Page encouraged his audience to “think outside the box” and challenge the norm. Page’s mission is to educate and encourage children to open up and learn to play musical instruments.

Page visits many schools to demonstrate his message. He also performs at weddings and other events.

For more information about Page or to book him for a performance at your school or other events, go to his website

525,600 minutes

SC4 Community Choir performs Seasons of Love concert

Shaelisa Murphy

Staff Writer

Despite the low turnout of SC4 community choir’s members at the recent concert on Monday Feb. 16, the audience seemed to enjoy the “Seasons of Love” concert.

“I think that’s was an amazing concert and it was great timing with Valentine’s Day just this past weekend,” said SC4 student Jade Coulter. Choir director Carly Vandyke explained that numerous choir members were under the weather or having personal issues and therefore could not make it to the concert. But despite very little preparation time, the choir as a whole feels that they did great.

While Vandyke works as the choir teacher at Port Huron Northern and is working to complete her master’s degree in administration, she is still able to make room every Monday night for two hours to teach the community choir.

Working with the community choir is so much fun because of the age variation, you have some members of the choir who graduated high school just last year and then you have members who graduated in 1960s. The fun definitely outweighs the stress,” Vandyke expressed about teaching the choir.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out this concert, while the date hasn’t been announced for the next one be sure to check the SC4 website and go to the event calendar located in community.

Alumni hockey team returns

SC4 to host a charity hockey game
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Today, Feb. 12, at 7 p.m., SC4 will host a hockey game, SC4 Alumni Hockey Team vs. Port Huron High School band and band alumni, in the McMorran Place Arena for charity.
Set up for donations, the recommended admission amount will be $5.
All proceeds will benefit the SC4 Alumni Association and charity opponents.
Tickets can be purchased by calling (810) 989-5760.

Violin Variety

Noon and Night Concert presents: From Bach to Hip Hop
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

SC4’s free Noon and Night Concert series will feature Rodney Lamar Page and his violin on Feb. 19 at noon and 7pm in the Fine Arts Theater.
Page is classically trained. He also holds a master’s degree in music education from Michigan State University.
But classic doesn’t mean un-creative. Page’s talents span a myriad of musical genres. Freestyle rap or vocal percussion is just as likely to be heard on Feb. 19 as a classical violin piece.
“From Bach to Hip Hop” is the next event celebrating Black History Month at SC4. It is a free concert and it is open to all ages.

Fat-filled treats for Fat Tuesday

Paczki Day on Feb. 17
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

Feb. 17 marks a day of festivities and celebrations we call Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday.
Fat Tuesday is a day to celebrate and feast before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Although Fat Tuesday’s origins are religious, people from all backgrounds all over the U.S. and Europe partake in the parades, festivals, and traditions associated with this holiday.
One of the most popular traditions is the consumption of delicious fatty doughnuts called Paczki. Pronounced poonch-ki, these rich mounds of fruit or crème filled deep fried dough are a yearly indulgence enjoyed in the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, with the most consumed on Fat Tuesday.
Though these scrumptious treats are too good to put down, you may want to think twice about finishing that box by yourself. Each Paczki contains a range between 290 and 450 calories per pastry depending on where you pick them up; most of those calories coming from the doughnut’s fatty makeup of lard, oil, sugary glaze, and eggs.
SC4 is participating in the Mardi Gras celebrations. Student Government will be giving away free Paczki, coffee, and juice from 8 a.m. until supplies run out.