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Skipping right on to number one


Men’s and Women’s teams beat OCC
Jason Watts II
Sports Editor
This past Saturday afternoon the St. Clair County Community College Men’s and Women’s teams made a statement respectively to the rest of their conferences when they defeated Oakland Community College Men’s and Women’s teams.
Starting with the Lady Skippers coming into this game with a little bit of an attitude towards one particular player on the Lady Raiders Jasmine Parker who was a member of the Skippers last season, which made this contest more of a grudge match. It was a close game until the second half when the ladies starting to pull away.
Leading the way for them was Madison Valko with 29 points and 6 rebounds; also Kendall Stoll with 24 points and a game-high 16 rebounds; and lastly Leah Humes with 10 points 7 rebounds and 8 assists. The final score of the game was SC4 85 – OCC 71.
On to the Men’s team which was a nail biter right down to the last second. The whole game was a close game and a high scoring game as well. SC4 came into the game with intentions of becoming number one in their conference and they did just that in a tremendous fashion with a game winning shot made by Chris Parker.
Parker has been the leading scorer for the Skippers and has stepped up for them when it matters most. He lead the way for the Men’s team with 35 points, followed by sophomore Jason Watts with 15 points and 12 rebounds, Jay Springs with 10 points, and lastly Xavian Edwards had 8 points and 8 rebounds.
The Men’s team trailed the most of the game and kept battling till the end, eventually seizing control of the ballgame in the second half. The rebounding war was the X factor in this game was in the Skippers favor, which was won by the men’s team 41 to 35 in the last few seconds as the Raiders missed two critical free throws that would have sealed the game. The final score of the men’s game was SC4 86 – OCC 84.
The Men’s team’s next game is at home on Wednesday, Jan 20 at 7:30 pm against Henry Ford Community College. The Women’s team will play at 5:30 pm.

Don’t be late for these very important dates!

Dates to know for the winter semester

Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Finally registration is over and it’s time to start classes.
But when does everything else happen?
Winter semester can be a stressful time of the year, so here are some important dates to keep track, so no one gets lost.
First, early alert grades on Feb 22. They’re a great tool to make sure students are keeping afloat in all of they’re classes. These can be accessed via the portal.
Feb 28 brings the deadline for applying for graduation. For those who plan on walking in either May or August, make sure to head on over to sc4 website and click on “Graduation applications” under the Alumni tab. Students can also apply electronically in the portal.
April brings a few important dates. First, the last day to drop from a class with a “W” is April 2. Spring break then comes April 4 through 8. (Only 77 days until break!)
Finals then begin May 2, Commencement and the end of winter semester fall on the same day, May 6, and finals grade get posted on May 9.
You can find these dates and more by logging on to and clicking the “important dates” under the academics tab.

4th Annual Deck Art auction and awards ceremony


Upcoming event and closing of exhibit in the FAB
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
St. Clair County Community College will be hosting the Deck Art exhibit in the Fine Arts Galleries. The display went up in November and will be there until January 21. The exhibit host skateboard decks designed by SC4 students and community members. The exhibit is open from 8:00am until 4:40 pm. A reception, auction and awards ceremony will take place on January 21 from 5 to 6:30pm in the Fine Arts building. All proceeds from the auction will go to the arts of SC4.

Stress relief in new ways

New events at this semester’s Stressbreaker
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor

Some people believe that a smile can change someone’s day, what do you think they’d say about a room of smiles?
On Tuesday December 1 Student Government hosted a stress breaker that involved a room full of smiles, they had four dogs brought to the school to try and relieve stress from students.
“Student Government makes people happy,” said Student Government Vice President Justin Woolman said.
The dogs brought in were therapy dogs and a six month old puppy who is being trained to be a leader dog.
There was so much excitement about dogs being on campus that it was all over social media. Four out of the five students I asked said they heard about it the dogs on twitter.
Student Andrew Hinojosa, 21 said, “This was a good idea, everyone loves puppies! Even when you first walk in they have instant smiles! No one is thinking about tests or finals all their thinking about is puppies!”
The dogs were not the only way campus clubs helped relive stress for students throughout the week, Guitar Hero was set up in the Cafeteria, musical performance by the Gasoline Gypsies and much more were available for free for students.
The Gasoline Gypsies are a local band from Port Huron. The Gypsies have a new album coming out soon. They were brought to students by the Erie Square Gazette. They were on campus for three hours on December 3. They were located in the college center.
“The Gasoline Gypsies was a really good stress reliever, I got to listen to good music with good friends.” student Macy Wurmlinger, 17, said.

A new face in the Marketing Department

New beginnings for former Times Herald Sports Writer
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Paul Costanzo is a new face St. Clair County Community College, but a seasoned resident of the Port Huron area. Costanzo, 33 of Fort Gratiot, is the Digital Content and Communications Coordinator for the Marketing Department.
Before taking the plunge into SC4, Costanzo worked at The Times Herald for nine and a half years covering any kind of sports event in the area. “I was a sports writer. I was constantly around what I love,” Costanzo said.
Ever since sixth grade, Costanzo knew he wanted to write about sports. He graduated from Alma High School in Nebraska and went on to Central Michigan University to earn a Bachelors in Science and Journalism with a Concentration in Advertising.
The reason for a Concentration in Advertising came to Costanzo after a talk with his mother whom told him, “your tastes are too expensive to be a journalist, you should go into advertising. I tried, but I just couldn’t.” Costanzo said as his reasoning for not jumping into advertising first, “I liked it, but I liked the writing more.”
Costanzo is also a family man, which became a big reason to transition to SC4 from The Times Heard. Costanzo sighted opposite work schedules as the big reason for changing jobs. “My wife, Kate, is a middle school teacher here in town. She was working during the day and I was dropping the kids with her after she got out of work. Then I was going to work. It was like I was a single parent while she was at work, then when I was at work she was a single parent.”
“It’s different,” Costanzo said of his new job. He cited his connections to the people that already work in the Marketing Department as the reason he’s been able to adapt quickly. “They been able to ease me into it, and let me start with things I’m comfortable with,” Costanzo said.

The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee comes to town

SC4 Players perform a musical
Emily Mainguy
“Are you one of our Spellers?” Greeted Tom Kephart, director of this year’s musical, as guests entered the theatre. The musical “The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee” was performed this past weekend in the Fine Arts Theatre by the SC4 Players.
“Putnam was also an interesting experience because it incorporated improv and had audience volunteers,” explained Cortney Roles, who played Marcy Park.
Upon entering the Theatre guests could choose to be a part of the play themselves and improv with the cast during the show. Guests were given directions and name cards after they volunteered. The play was created in a magical way so that every volunteer ended up misspelling a word eventually and leaving the cast to finish performing the musical.
The musical was about a group of elementary to middle school students competing in a district wide spelling bee hosted by two staff members. The play shows the background of each student in the competition and helps the audience know their struggles in a comedic way. It concludes with announcing a winner of the bee and a short song and dance.
“This musical was an amazing experience…It was such a fun show to be a part of, especially due to the high energy of the cast. Putnam was made great by the talent of the cast and crew that made it happen,” said Roles.
The next production that the SC4 Players will be performing is titled, “My Town” and it will be on March 17-20 in the Fine Arts Theatre.

Piggies and dishes and clay, oh my!


Potter’s Market demonstrates full potential of ceramics
Katie Hunckler
Staff Writer

A million decorative purposes and a million daily use purposes – who would have thought a single art form could span such a wide spectrum? A spectrum from which not a speck was missing at the Potter’s Market held Nov. 12-15 in the M-Tec Building.
It was amidst the ceramic ornaments, mushrooms and sugar bowls that the potters and shoppers scurried, hoping to share their art or find their treasure. “I’m looking for some unique things to put on bookshelves and tables,” said Cathy Lozen, who visits the market every year right when it opens to be sure and have the broadest selection. This appeared to be a popular strategy, as the market was bustling.
Having recently begun an introductory pottery class with her husband at Studio 1219, Barbara Morrison was enjoying looking at all the advanced pieces of art surrounding her. “I wish!” she exclaimed when asked if they were giving her inspiration for her own work.
The shoppers were bustling, but the potters were working twofold perfecting their displays while actively engaging with those around them. “I’ve been in the show for six years,” said Barbara Miller, who flaunted a wide display of ceramic ornaments and leaves. The leaves, ends upturned to add practical use possibilities, were created from actual sycamore leaves that had been rolled into the clay. “I just love the leaves!” she said.
Miller’s favorite part of ceramics is that she can destroy something, go through a few steps to revamp the clay, and create a brand new piece out of it. “And the grandkids love it,” she added.
Dennis Snyder has found that his kids also love it, as do his friends. The studio in his basement allows him the flexibility to have friends and guest potters over regularly. Snyder has a wide range of pieces, spanning from pots glazed naturally from clay found on the beach to political piggies. “I was getting sick of it so I decided to make fun of all of them,” he said, referring to the political nuances and politicians whom his piggies represented.
The natural glaze from the clay found on the beach of Lake Huron is Snyder’s true specialty though. “It’s something like the Native Americans used in this area,” he said. Snyder explained that his friend Ian Daniels had discovered clay on the beach, so they began experimenting with it. The shade of the glaze is dependent on the iron content of the clay; “It’s unique to the area,” he said.
Snyder was especially excited at the market, as his friend Ann Daniels has recently encountered a new clay in the Buffalo area near Niagara Falls. “Hopefully by the beginning of the year we’ll have a whole new line,” he said.
A bit younger than his fellow potters, Brent Westrick got hooked on ceramics here at SC4 before transferring to the Grand Valley potter’s program. “It’s a challenge,” he said,” everything changes, and a lot of it is not so much making, but the people.”
In addition to his love for the craft, Westrick has found great pleasure in meeting the other potters. “Everyone has different stories, and it’s cool,” he said.
According to the ceramic enthusiasts, there are multiple potter’s markets that take place each year, largely featuring the same artists. If the blues of depression are setting in about having missed this show, take heart! Many opportunities to explore the intricacies and abundances of this craft await.

Toilet paper for a cause

Business Club collects t.p. for charity
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor

There is a toilet on the first floor of the Main Building! However it is not a toilet for use…
The Business Club of SC4 is collecting toilet paper for MidCity Nutrition. You simply put your donation inside the toilet. Donations will be accepted until November 30.
The Business Club has previously volunteered at MidCity in October and they also donated the items they had left from their bake sale that was held in late October to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. They want to help in another way, after talking with MidCity, they decided on a toilet paper drive.
The President of the Business Club, Justin Comer said “They need 250 rolls of toilet paper for their Christmas care packages, they go to help low income families. I said we’ll get those for you!”
MidCity Nutrition is also known as the soup kitchen. MidCity does more than just feed people in need, they also offer substance abuse counseling, health clinics, counseling, accepts clothing donation and much more. It is located in the basement of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church on Chestnut Street in Port Huron.
The Business club is brainstorming more ways they plan to help out in the future. They will have more information posted on their Facebook page. Comer said, anyone who wants to volunteer with MidCity Nutrition is more than welcome to volunteer with the Business Club.
“We try to focus our energy toward helping those immediately around us in hopes that the pay it forward philosophy will keep the good vibes spreading outward,” Comer said.

13th annual Potters’ Market

Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
The 13th annual Potters’ Market will take place at St. Clair County Community College Nov. 13 – 15 2015. On Nov. 13 the market will open at 3 pm and go until 7 pm. Nov. 14 -15 the market will open at noon and go until 4 pm. The event takes place in the M-Tec building. The market features pieces made by SC4 students, faculty and guest potters. The art work featured are hand and pottery wheel made pieces. Admission is free, and 15% of the net proceeds go to the arts of SC4.

Deck Art competition

Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
A display for St. Clair County Community College students who participated in the Deck Art competition will take place Nov 13, 2015 through Jan 21, 2016. The artwork from the competition will be held in the Fine Arts Gallery at SC4, it will be open from 8 am until 4:30 pm. The event is free, with the opportunity to purchase one or more of the decks at the reception and auction held on Jan 21 at 5 pm until 6:30 pm. All proceeds will go to the arts of SC4.