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The many faces of the monster inside

Photo Credit: Erin Kephart
Photo Credit: Erin Kephart

SC4 Players’ presentation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

“You find an open door. One no one knows about. And once you’ve crossed its threshold, you will find not one mind but two. Two streams within the consciousness, one on the surface, the other subterranean.” According to Greg Garofolo, “This quote by Jekyll captures the play at its essence. A true psychological horror and thought provoking thrill ride.”
SC4 Players presented the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Oct. 16 through the 19.
The play, directed by Tom Kephart, told the tale of Dr. Henry Jekyll, played by Caleb Kreidler, and his “inner demon,” Mr. Hyde, and his discovery of who really is the monster.
The character of Mr. Hyde had to be portrayed by four different actors to capture the different aspects of Mr. Hyde’s evolving personality. Hyde, played by actors Brennan Fisher, Greg Garofalo, Haunani Johnson, and Andrew Kephart represents the beastly nature of Dr. Jekyll, and therefore humanity itself.
“It was really psychological,” said Freshman Riley Niver, 19. Niver played Elizabeth, Hyde’s love interest. “It was a smart play, but there was still humor in it with that morbid intrigue.”
“I fell in love with the script when I first read it,” Kephart said. “We were going to do another show, and then I read this script and thought, yeah, we’re doing this one.”
Niver said that without Kephart’s vision, the play could not have been done.
“The way he chose lighting cues and how to do the set and minimalizing a lot of what was used really added to the play. He made it more like a dream sequence which really tied in with the different journal entries and little bits of play acting here and there,” Niver said.

GSA Gayme Night

Date is set for next week
Angie Stoecklin

In the previous issue of the ESG, an article titled, “Everyone is welcome at the GSA” mentioned the club’s plans for a game night. Because of a mistake I made with editing, the date of Oct. 28 was wrong.
The GSA’s Gayme night is scheduled for Wednesday Oct. 29. It will be held in the SC4 cafeteria at 3 p.m. and will go until 6 p.m.
For more information on this event or the GSA, e-mail GSA president Amber Oile at

Boogie on the Red Carpet

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Sc4 foundation’s Red Carpet affair
Tyler Smith
Staff writer

The red carpet is here again, without the movie stars. The SC4 foundation is hold their annual Red Carpet Affair on Saturday, Nov. 1 at 6:30 p.m., with the theme of “Boogie fever on the Red Carpet.”
Dress as a hippie or suit and boogie the night. Specialty food will be provided by local Port Huron restaurants, such as Casey’s Pizza & Subs, Chef Mike’s Catering, Daybreak Café, and many more.
The events platinum sponsors are Joseph and Betty Mericka. Get your tickets today on the St. Clair Community College website by visiting

NASA lands at SC4

Stem Conference
STEM conference scheduled for Oct. 24, 25
Stephon Burrell
Guest Writer

NASA astronaut Andrew Feustel will be the featured guest at St. Clair County Community College’s 2nd Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Conference this Friday, Oct. 24, and Saturday, Oct. 25, at the college’s Port Huron campus.
Andrew Feustel will be demonstrating life out of space, how to survive below zero degrees, how to build CPO from StarWar’s, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the International Space Station where all the astronauts hang out and get to know each other more.
A crew has launched a spacecraft made up of astronauts or cosmonauts drawn from the various categories, commander, pilot, space shuttle mission specialist, or International Space Station flight engineer, drawn from the NASA professional career of Astronauts.
“Payload specialist,” to what Andrew Feustel explains refers to individuals selected and trained by commercial or research organizations that controls a large team of astronauts who are trained by commercial or research missions.
Attendees can make the choice between STEM’s workshops, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Robotics, and Species and Habitats.
The conference starts at 7 p.m. on Friday in SC4’s Fine Arts Theatre and will continue on Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon.

Relocating the air waves

Photo credit: Lily Petit
Photo credit: Lily Petit

Radio club’s location in flux
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

WSGR 91.3 FM, SC4’s student run radio station, brings “the eclectic sound” to the Blue Water Area, but recently they’re providing it from a slightly different location.
The Fine Arts Building’s duct work renovation is complete and classes have been running smoothly within the building, yet the radio club still cannot operate in their original studio room off the classroom in FAB room 21.
Alyssa Gould, program director for WSGR, 19, says they have been running the station out of the first floor of the A.J. Theisen building. Gould says they are waiting on Maintenance and IT to give the ok to move back in. No official move in date has been set, but Gould says they have been told it will be “soon.”
Jake Vigna, a member of the radio club, says that the main problem with being in the AJT building is waiting for maintenance to come unlock the door.
The club is not issued a key to their studio room and must contact maintenance every day to open the door. Whether WSGR operates out of the AJT building or the FAB, maintenance must be contacted. The Fine Arts Building is a hop, skip, and a jump from the maintenance building, located next to the Acheson Technology Center, while trekking to the AJT building from the office can take up to 20 minutes.
Gould says that waiting for maintenance can sometimes cause the radio shows to start late and causes them to get off schedule. Additionally, their location in the AJT building allows much more outside noise into the studio. While their room in the FAB is secluded from any outside doors or hallways, the AJT is directly next to both.
While the radio club has moved to a more public location for the time being, the 41-year-old club is also becoming a more obvious choice for prospective members.
Gould considers the radio club to be “a hidden club,” but admits she’s seen it grow in size and dedication since her involvement in the past two years. This is Gould’s first semester as program director. Alongside her are about ten members of the radio club who choose to “play the B-Side of the tracks.”
If you’re interested in filling the air waves with a different sound than the Top 40, the radio club meets every Wednesday at noon in the classroom section of FAB room 21.
Support WSGR by tuning in to 91.3 FM and by liking them on Facebook at WSGR 91.3fm.

Mental illness, not to be taken lightly

SC4 holds free mental health screening
Melanie Buskirk
Staff Writer

This past Oct. 9, the National Depression Screening Day and free mental health screening, provided by McLaren Health Systems took place in SC4’s college center.
According to MLHS’s volunteer and mental health experts Sharon Hardy and Karen Zisler, over 200 people from the community showed up to last year’s health screening.
National Depression Screening Day, a voluntary mental health screening initiative, has been held annually during Mental Illness Awareness Week every Oct. since 1991, with the local community participating for the last twelve years. Most of these screenings are held on college campuses across the nation, where many people need it the most.
Studies by the American College Health Association show that more than 1 in 4 college students have a diagnosable mental illness, with over 11% of students being treated for anxiety and over 10% of students being treated for depression. However, according to the same studies, 40% of college students with diagnosable illnesses did not seek help due to the concern for the stigma attached with mental illness.
This leads to a serious issue, with almost 7% of college students reporting that they have seriously considered suicide within the past year. Results like this are the reason why Screening for Mental Health, Inc., the founders of National Depression Screening Day have the mission statement of, “Raising public awareness of behavioral and mental health issues and working to reduce stigma.”
College students aren’t the only ones who suffer mental illnesses. When asked about the typical person participating in the free depression screening, Hardy responded, “I would never use typical and depression in the same sentence.”
Anyone can suffer from depression, no matter their age, race, education, or background. Depression is the number one cause of suicide, and hundreds of thousands of people attempt suicide each year. According to Hardy, this tragedy is preventable.
If you or someone you know is depressed or contemplating suicide, there are ways to get help. The St. Clair County Community Mental Health Crisis Line is open 24 hours a day toll-free at (888)-225-4447 or by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Talking to your doctor or health care provider can also help. There are a lot of things to be scared of this Halloween, don’t let getting help for your mental wellbeing be one of them.

Halloween, booze, and charity

Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin
Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin

Zombie crawl makes its way through downtown Port Huron
Angie Stoecklin

Zombies invade Port Huron, again, and this time it’s for a good cause.
The 5th annual Zombie Crawl took place Saturday Oct. 18, drawing in an estimated 600 people. The event started at Casey’s Pizza and Subs, where participants brought canned foods in order to get their faces painted.
According to event creator Mike Higgins, the canned food drive is a new addition to Zombie Crawl. Zombies from all around Port Huron seemed to welcome the new charity with open arms.
“I think anything we can do to help people in need is a good thing. It’s a fun way to do it and it beats paying a cover charge for bars,” said Mike Carnaghi, 49, of Kimball Township.
Some Zombies did their own makeup, while others waited patiently at Casey’s to get their face painted by professional makeup artists.
Higgins, who came up with the idea of Zombie Crawl some 5 and a half years ago, said that he came up with the idea after a night of drinking. “I just thought you know what, zombies and drunk people are really similar, why not combine the two,” Higgins said.
Higgins, co-creator of Blue Water Social Club, said that Zombie Crawl is one of the three social events that the club does each year. The other two are the Stash Bash in March, and Paddle and Pour in late summer.
The Zombie Crawl started at Caseys, it then migrated to the Raven Coffee House, then to Fuel, and ended up at the Roach, where there were two DJ’s between the inside and outside areas.
Although there were a large number of participants, the event went off without a hitch without any quarrels. According to Higgins, the point of the event, being just to have fun in this Halloween season, seemed to be well communicated to all who attended Zombie Crawl.
“I just love the whole Halloween thing, always have. Meeting friends, going to have a few drinks and hanging out,” Carnaghi said.



Michigan candidates come to a head Tues, Nov. 4

Some general facts for voting in the general election
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Yard signs, biting political commercials and phone polls are bringing the general election to the eyes and ears of Michigan residents.
The general election is less than two weeks away which means candidates are pushing harder than ever to win over the undecided voters.
Rick Snyder, republican, is up for re-election. Mark Schauer, former U.S. Representative, is the democratic candidate for Governor.
According to nonpartisan voter guides created by social and political activist Paul Loeb and his team,
Rick Snyder supports
• Increasing funding for higher education
• Increasing minimum wage
• Highly restricting abortions
Rick Snyder does not support
• Legalizing marijuana
• Legalizing gay marriage
Mark Schauer supports
• Increasing funding for higher education
• Increasing minimum wage
• Legalizing gay marriage
Mark Schauer does not support
• Highly restricting abortions
Mark Schauer is also open to the decriminalization of marijuana.
Mary Buzuma, Libertarian, Mark McFarlin, U.S. Taxpayers party, and Paul Homeniuk, Green Party, are also running for governor. To find more information on these candidates, Becky Lubbers, SC4 political science professor, suggests
The general election will also cover voting for the State Senate, Secretary of State, Attorney General, state proposals, county specific elections and more.
Gary Peters, democrat, is a U.S. Representative running for the State Senate. Peters is running against Terri Lynn Land, republican and former Michigan Secretary of State.
According to nonpartisan voter guides created by Paul Loeb, social and political activist, and his team,
Gary Peters supports
• Increasing minimum wage
• Legalizing gay marriage
Gary Peters does not support
• Highly restricting abortions
Terri Lynn Land supports
• Increasing minimum wage, but not to the proposed $10.10 per hour.
• Highly restricted abortions
Terri Lynn Land does not support
• Legalizing gay marriage
Candidates also running for State Senate include, Jim Fulner, Libertarian, Richard Matkin, U.S. Taxpayers and Chris Wahmhof, Green Party.
Delani Thibodeau, 19, president of the Marketing and Management club will be voting in the 2014 general election. Thibodeau thinks everyone should vote, “especially women since we haven’t always had the right. We are the future of this country. We need to be more proactive,” added Thibodeau.
Becky Lubbers, SC4 political science professor of 12 years, says students can have a significant impact in the polls. Lubbers encourages students to vote saying, “it is both your right and your responsibility. You pay taxes. You drive on the roads. You breathe the air and drink the water. In a world where more and more people are literally fighting, laying their lives on the line in the cause of freedom and democracy, you live in a country where it is your birthright.”
The general election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 4. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voter identification cards show your precinct and polling location.
If you do not have a card you can find the information at the Michigan Voter Information Center at
A valid form of ID is required to vote.

The hammer of vengeance


Review of Trivium’s recent album “Vengeance Falls”
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

Picture a life of despair, agony, and rage. Knowing you’re alone and no one will understand the way you feel. A loner who’s only vengeance is to live and wage war against an overwhelming enemy.
Trivium’s latest album depicts such a story in such a way that it changes your thought of metal.
The only way to see it is to feel it. Listening to this story you feel the hero’s pain, happiness, sorrow, and rage.
The songs composed in this album are masterful. The musicianship is amazing with the amount of riffs and bridges these guys come up with without repeating them. So you get that moment where if you hear it you know exactly what it is.
Unlike today, where artists compose songs to sound close or exactly the same and have no stamp of personality. With Trivium they do more than just stamp their personality, they stamp their identities, moralities, and lives in this album.
Like a boot to the face, Trivium gives humanity a wakeup call on subjects that no one wants to talk about such as depression, loneliness, and sorrow. Never in my life have I been able to talk about my feelings because I knew no one would understand.
Knowing that, I felt alone and that lead me to being depressed, now to those of you that don’t listen to metal and think it’s a bunch losers screaming into a microphone. You’re wrong.
The reason you’re wrong is because the singer’s feelings come out in the way that others can connect to and feel not alone. Listening to this album you’ll feel empowered, you’ll feel bold, and you’ll feel like the world can’t touch you.
Trivium has out done themselves and goes on my bedroom wall of fame.

Annabelle: a frightening watch

Do not watch alone
Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

The movie Annabelle is in one word, terrifying. The movie stars Annabelle Walls as Mia and Ward Horton as John Gordon.
The movie showed the two well-known spiritual elements of good and evil. One of the locations in the movie was in a church that the couple attended. The movie showed that good people can go through really terrible things, but those people can get through darkness with their faith. The young couple in the movie faced a lot of acts of psychological terror that almost destroyed them and their infant daughter.
The movie starts out in the sixties with a young couple who are expecting a child. Early in the movie they witnessed the murders of their middle aged neighbors by their neighbor’s daughter named Annabelle and her boyfriend, both of which were members of a demonic cult.
Annabelle and her boyfriend attack the young couple ending with her boyfriend getting killed by the police, and Annabelle committing suicide, and the doll Annabelle was holding is possessed by and unleashing a demonic spirt onto the doll.
The horror in the movie was more of a psychological horror. There were a few scenes of blood and gore horror that contained some great special effects. The movie also brought in the perspective of paranormal horror. The speakers in the movie theater helped give the movie an eerie effect.
The movie was full of unexpected twist and turns. The audience seemed to not know what to expect in each new scene. There were times in the movie where the audience were watching the different characters and trying to guess their intentions.
The characters seemed to reflect the era that they were supposed to represent. The character of the husband was there but not very supportive to the main character, his wife. He looked out for his wife’s well-being but that was about it. The character of the wife was strong but confused.
The entire movie was full of twists and unexpected turns. This was a movie that one would not want to miss any of it in order to understand the plot. Not one member of the audience left during the movie. They did not want to miss a thing.
Maybe they were afraid they might see Annabelle out in the hall.