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The second screen

Console to hand-held connectivity taking strides in modern gaming

For me it all started with the Dreamcast, that beautiful white brick, accompanied by the console’s VMU (visual memory unit) I could play mini-games on a small second screen that would affect things in the console version of the game, most notably the Sonic Adventure Chao mini-games.

This type of second screen capability is making a comeback and may in fact be the way of the future in terms of video games. Continue reading The second screen

Showdown for the Skippers


Heather Griffis and Taylor Hornbacher in the heat of the battle.
Heather Griffis and Taylor Hornbacher in the heat of the battle. photo credit: Brendan Buffa

On the weekend of Sept. 13-14, the Skippers had a seven straight win streak under their belt that sent them to the championship round against Sinclair CC.

From what was the result of botched calls and questionable refereeing–the Skippers were sent home packing their bags with a loss.

Returning home on Sept. 17 to play on their home court was a relief in the eyes of the girls, as they stepped up to face conference rivals, the Schoolcraft Ocelots.

The quick paced match ended in three games (25-17, 25-11, 25-23), as a fierce punishment was brought upon the Ocelots.

With a well-deserved home opener win and a dominant defense, the Skippers stayed home to play another conference rival, the Macomb Monarchs.

With a match that seemingly went back and forth, the Skippers yet again came out on top (25-23, 25-17, 25-15).

Rachel Cooper and Katie Bearse, both captains of the 2013 Skippers, collectively brought the team together in the eyes of the coaches.

They both were awarded the game ball deservingly as they controlled the net and kept the Monarchs under 20 in two of the three games.

The Skippers have a limited chance to impress their home crowd this year, with only four games being played on their court.

Finding themselves on the road frequently puts the ladies in a tough spot with a short supply of hometown supporters.

Although they have it hard, the ladies find inspiration in one another, as they are currently second in the MCCAA Eastern Conference.

Sitting in first place is the Oakland CC Raiders, who have only lost one game in their season at 13-1.

The Skippers meet Oakland CC one more time on the hardwood on Oct. 3 at 7 p.m.

The Skippers are headed to Grand Rapids on Sept. 28for a weekend long tournament against a vast array of teams.

Included in the match ups for the Grand Rapids Raiders Invitational are Kalamazoo Valley, Lansing, Cincinnati State Tech and Grand Rapids CC.

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Energy drinks: worth the risk?

Energy drinks. To many students, they are an ally, a friend, a hero even. They can get a student through a three hour night class, or through an extra hour of studying. But is it worth the risk?

On the back of each Amp, Monster, Rockstar or Red Bull, there is a warning label. It’s small, hard to see, but it’s there. And it normally reads something like; “Not recommended for individuals under 18 years of age, or those sensitive to caffeine. Limit caffeine intake to 400 milligrams per day.” Continue reading Energy drinks: worth the risk?

The saltiest of bets.

So, I have lost quite a bit of my precious spare time to a website called Salty Bet. Several of my friends around campus have been yelling at their computer screens in a way I usually equate to sports fans. Usually watching computer controlled fighting games is nothing to write home about but the game itself is the interesting part. Continue reading The saltiest of bets.

“I Love You” album keeps it cool

Whilst we Northerners are still in a bit of confusion whether or not to grab a jacket in the morning, indie-rock group The Neighbourhood can feel free to sing to me about “Sweater Weather” even on the hottest of days.

The Los-Angeles based band released their 13-track newest album “I Love You” in April 2013 following up their album “I’m Sorry…” released in August 2012, “I Love You” features radio hit “Sweater Weather” which has over 6 million views and is on iTunes top 100 for featured songs. Continue reading “I Love You” album keeps it cool

Heroes, or maybe zeroes, of cosplay



Reality shows usually never call the geek culture to the stage. One has to ask what the geeks are doing with their time anymore. Reading, playing video games and watching anime are some of the few hobbies that geeks enjoy. Oh, they like cosplaying too, but that won’t ever get popular, right? Continue reading Heroes, or maybe zeroes, of cosplay

Rockstar’s open world epic pushes the envelope, again.

Rockstar Games takes a newfangled approach on the familiar third-person, crime-driven, action game Grand Theft Auto, with the newest installment, Grand Theft Auto V.

Photo used under a Creative Commons license. Photo credit: Andrew Willard.
Photo used under a Creative Commons license. Photo credit: Andrew Willard.


After playing the game I found that it was truly not like anything I had played before, I couldn’t just sit down for a few minutes and play a mission or two, I had to play for hours on end, play every side mission and activity I could find, I even played a round of golf. Sure G.T.A. has bugs, but the next update will surly mend most of these, and it’s extremely graphic and offensive but when you buy a game named after a felony I think that should be expected. Continue reading Rockstar’s open world epic pushes the envelope, again.