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Issue 63-1

Lynch’s open mic contest

On Tuesday Sept. 17 Lynch’s Irish Tavern will be having its third open mic contest.

This event is open to any band, duo, or group whom can perform three original pieces.

Anyone interested in being part of this open mic contest can register at Lynch’s hostess stand by Friday Sept. 13.

Masters of ceremonies will be “The Poltroons” and will be judged by James Relkin and Anita Newby of EBW TV as well as Ted Smith of Imprint House.

This open mic contest is sponsored in conjunction with JC Productions.

The winner of Lynch’s open mic contest will be awarded free entry into the talent show being help by JC Productions on Sept. 26.

Besides having open mic every Tuesday evening, Lynch’s Irish Tavern also holds an amateur comedy night hosted by Wesley Ward at 10 pm on Monday nights.

The amateur comedy nights have brought standup comics from as far as Toledo to downtown Port Huron,” said Scott Scandalito.

Lynch’s has future plans to sponsor amateur comedy contests such as the open mic contest on Sept. 17.

For more information about events sponsored by Lynch’s visit their web site at


Ed Weaver

Business Manager

The faces of student government

Sean Lathrop – President

Sean Lathrop shall be taken his second term in Student Government as last year he presided as Vice President. At the college, Sean has held leadership within Gay-Straight Alliance while helping out clubs like 91.3 FM WSGR and the Drama Club. While being heavily involved at the college, he still has a strong passion for radio broadcasting as a former broadcast journalist for 1380 AM WPHM and an on-air personality for Roundtable Wrestling Radio podcast. He is currently broadcasting major and his dream career would be doing play-by-play for a wrestling organization in the future.

Steven Dilloway – Vice President

Steven Dilloway of Marysville, is Vice President of SC4’ student body. Enrolling in his third year at SC4 Steven wishes to transfer to Michigan State University in hopes of obtaining a political science degree in constitutional law. Aside from school, Steven spends his time working. In his spare time, he likes to read and/or hangout with his friends. 

Jessyca Fye – Secretary

Jessyca Fye is currently starting her first term as SC4’s Student Government Secretary. Prior to becoming involved in student government, Jessyca was elected Treasurer of the Drama Club. Jessyca has taken part in many SC4 plays, on and off stage, and finds acting to be ‘an escape from the real world.’ Enrolling at SC4 at the age of 15 as a full time student, Jessyca hopes to continue her education to the doctorate level.

Brian Heidt – Treasurer

Brian Heidt is taking his first year as treasurer, following his term as Vice President of the Alternative energy and Engineering club. He is currently working on a associates degree in business transfer and hopes to eventually transfer to the university center for further studies  In my free time I volunteer within the community.

What do you think of SC4’s new logo



Q: What do you think of SC4’s new logo?


Andrew Hohmann


A: I like it and think it’s fresh. I prefer it over the seal.


Brendan Brown


A: The logo looks like a four year old drew it.


Amanda Langolf


A: I don’t really get it. It’s very abstract.


Jennifer Lietzow


A: I don’t see how this is school related. I think that the logo should be related to the school mascot.

Deck Art contest comes to SC4

An art contest is rolling onto campus. Participants have a chance at winning up to $500 if they have a winning deck design. The application deadline for this event is coming up Sept 30.

This event is open to students and non-students to raise money for creating an Arts Scholarship for SC4 students. The Deck Art contest is a first time event however the Fine Arts Department hopes to continue this every year.

Applications for participants are found on the event’s website,, and in various places around campus.

There is a $25 entry fee per board design.

Artists’ will have a chance to win one of three cash prizes: $500 for first place, $250 for second and $100 for third.

The pieces will be on display in the Fine Arts building beginning Nov. 1.

Participants can choose to donate their board to the competition where it will be sold during a silent auction on Dec. 4 from 5 pm to 8pm.

We are excited to see what creative works of art come out of this event. We hope to see lots of different artists participate including drawers, painters, and graphic artists,” said Sarah Slobodzian, visual arts faculty and graphic design program lead.


Emily Mainguy

Copy Editor


SC4 seeks mascots

In any college sport, each player is important. Whichever sport, whichever role a player plays, all positions are vitally important. Yet there is one position that always seems to be an oversight; a position whose purpose is to fill all the spirits watching and participating with courage, integrity and determination. Currently, SC4 is looking to fill this position.

That position being of course the team mascot.

Tom Kephart is looking for up to four more people to play Skip, the SC4 mascot, and act as Skip’s crew. If interested, Kephart can be contacted via phone at 810-989-5721 or visited during his office hours which are 11am-12pm on Monday and Wednesday, and 1pm-2pm on Tuesday and Thursday. These positions are looking to be filled as soon as possible.

For those interested, Kephart has suggested that all applicants be between 5’9” and 6’2”, and be characters of high energy, dexterity, and endurance due to the weight of the costume. A flamboyant, gesticulated performance is necessary on part of the actor. People skills are also a must, as it is Skip’s job to interact with the public. Kephart further warns that the suit can be quite warm.

Don’t make this fine learning institution leaderless; get out there and put the spirit into SC4!

Kristopher Reynolds

Staff Writer

The SC4 squiggle

A closer look at the new logo of SC4

SC4’s new logo is certainly drawing a lot of attention.

Proclaimed by the college’s website to be a “symbol of success,” the site explains that the logo represents qualities like knowledge and support, as well as showing tribute to the Blue Water Area as the design “reflects the abundance of sun and water enjoyed in our region.”

Following the and Portal update on June 28, the logo was adopted as a general marketing tool used to compliment the new website’s design.

According to Chris Sebastian, communications specialist at the college, the logo will be for used for more casual purposes, such as advertising, t-shirts, and banners. The seal of the college will still be used on official items such as diplomas.

Review of the new logo on social media sites tended to be negative.

Only two comments out of 161 spoke favorably of the logo on a Facebook thread posted on Sept. 1 in the +6,000 strong “Port Huron, Michigan,” group.

St. Clair County Community College’s Facebook post with the logo on July 24 received mixed reviews, with the majority in dissent.

Sebastian says he understands if students don’t get the logo right away.

The logo is meant to be different things to different people. Our goal was to make people think a little bit more about what it meant to them.”

Sebastian may be right. Jeremy Wilson, a SC4 student studying graphic design, pointed out that while he hated the logo at first, he warmed up to it. Wilson went on to say that the logo was a “valiant effort at modernizing the school,” although he admits reservation on the message the logo is trying to relay.

If we were just an art school it would be great, but using the logo for nursing, business, and everything else doesn’t work as well. It’s a very artistic type of logo.”

The design for the new logo comes from The C2 Group (C2), a Grand Rapids based company that was hired to do the redesign of SC4’s internet presence.

The logo was included in the package of services received from C2, and was chosen by a committee composed of various staff and faculty members over various other options C2 presented.

When asked whether or not the college would be open to other possibilities or student suggestion, Sebastian made it clear that the new logo is here to stay.


Erick J. Fredendall


Music and chili attracts crowd at Goodells County Park

What better way to celebrate Labor Day than enjoying great music, chili, and sunshine? That is exactly how hundreds of people chose to spend their labor day at Goodells Park last Monday.

The fourth annual BlueChiliGrass Festival, put on by the Lake Bonisteel Music Association out of Fort Gratiot, featured 17 bands of different genres, vendors selling numerous forms of art, and to top it off, a three hour chili cook off with professional cooks from businesses such as Lynches Irish Tavern, Fuel Woodfire Grill, and Lucky Lunch Catering, all of which are based out of Port Huron.

The bands featured at the festival were split between two stages. One outside where people sprawled out on the lawn or in chairs to enjoy bands such as Butterhair, who put on an energetic performance with classic tunes such as “California Dreamin” and “Locomotion.”

The second stage was inside of a barn, offering shade to audience members, where they could also enjoy music like the classy jazz duo Fifth Avenue, who inspired many to sing along and happily sway to the music they so very much enjoyed.

Last year we had 500 people attending the festival, this year I expect to reach 1,000 attendees,” said Susan Wilson, Vice President of The Lake Bonisteel Music Association. “This is our first year at Goodells. Last year the member whose house we held it at told us ‘I challenge you to get so big that I have to kick you out.’ We trampled his flower beds and made pathways in his lawn and he said ‘you gotta go’. So this year we had to seek out a larger venue.”

Instead of charging admission for the festival, a large donation bucket was placed at the entrance. “I haven’t seen anyone go past that bucket and not drop in at least a couple of bucks.” Susan said through a beaming smile. In addition to donations, chili samples were sold at 25 cents per sample or at a still reasonable price of $3 a bowl.

I’ve been coming to this event for a few years,” said returning audience member Beth Stahl. “They have a large variety of music and they promote new groups so it’s always great.”


Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer

Entering the SC4 Portal

What students need to know about the new website

SC4 unveiled the Portal June 28 of this year. Since then, students and instructors have had to make the transition to a new way to manage their online college accounts.

Following a massive overhaul of the college’s website,, the Portal was created to be the one-stop page for all internal uses for current students and faculty.

Existing separate of, which is now used strictly as a marketing tool for prospective students, the Portal contains essential tools for the student such as financial aid information and class scheduling.

Student’s WAVE accounts and school e-mails have been tied into this new process. Webstudy is also accessible through the Portal, although it still does require a separate login from the user.

The Portal also contains features such as campus announcements, notifications, and a calendar that is used to keep track of classes.

Justin Rutherford, sophomore at SC4, thinks that the Portal is a good idea, but still needs a bit of work.

I get the intent of the college trying to streamline all of this stuff into one place; it just wasn’t implemented very well,” said Rutherford.

Andrea Murphy, also a sophomore, agrees: “I used to be able to get into everything from my Android phone, but now, I can’t access the Portal at all. I get this bizarre list of things that I can’t get around.”

The SC4 Portal is currently not accessible by iOS or Android smartphones. Tablets such as iPads, Nooks, and Kindle’s seem to be able to access the website.

Chris Sebastian, member of the web and Portal design committee, encourages students and faculty to tell the college what they think of the new web design, and has made an e-mail for students to voice any comments or concerns.

We don’t have much feedback right now, so we’re looking to get some of that as the semester goes on. We want to get rid of those roadblocks so you can get what you need to get easily,” said Sebastian.

To comment on the Portal, send your thoughts to


Erick J. Fredendall


Campus internet not slowed down

The rumor that SC4 has intentionally slowed the internet to deter students from downloading content has been BUSTED!

Adam Dickinson, Chief Information Officer at Ellucian, the IT company contracted by SC4, said the only changes made were the SC4 website and an increase in speed.

So why is the internet at school slower if we have increased speed?

Hundreds of students on and off campus are logging in at the same time.

According to Dickinson the busiest times are 10am, noon, 1pm, and 3pm.

The school has a main pipeline that carries 100 megabits from AT&T, a second 100 megabit pipeline from Merit, and a 3 backup line that carries 20 megabits also from Merit.

As to limiting what students download, Ellucian does not throttle anything except for Microsoft updates that have not been tested yet.

The service providers who handle the college’s pipeline can throttle sites like uTorrent and sometimes they do.


Reachelle Kocis

Staff Writer

All club meeting

The Student Government hosted the All Club meeting on Sept. 5.

The meeting was a chance for all student groups to get together and talk about their goals, funds and plans for the upcoming school year.

Each group presented itself, and brand new this year, Alpha 2 Mike November Charlie (Veterans Group for short) explained a bit about its aims, including ties to the Veterans Association, along with reaching out to every branch of the military. Group leader Lee Harrison spoke about returning soldiers having a hard time connecting with others, this group is for veterans to have a chance to find common ground with those who have had similar experiences. Continue reading All club meeting