/Movie theater opens near SC4

Movie theater opens near SC4



Therese Majeski

Copy Editor



Sperry’s in downtown Port Huron, unoccupied for well-over a decade according to the Times Herald, is now home to the self-described “boutique” theater, Sperry’s Moviehouse.

“Our theater has been open for just over a month. It opened on Dec. 15,” said assistant theater manager Kaitlyn Szczepkowski.

Szczepkowski also stated that Sperry’s Moviehouse does offer student rates. “We do have a student ticket price that’s seven dollars, and then it jumps up for the evening price,” she said.

Based on pricing available at sperrysmoviehouse.com, this is a 25 cent reduction from the standard daytime ticket price for adults; students also receive a $1.25 discount on evening showings.

Sperry’s Moviehouse is poised to be a versatile entertainment and dining venue for the area, offering 12 screens divided between the first and third floors and a second-floor dinner house.

Szczepkowski believes that the theater fills a need in the community. “We’re actually downtown Port Huron…it’s more convenient for people that live in this area versus having to  head all the way over to the North End,” she said. “I’m hoping it brings more life to downtown…it’s busy, but it could be busier.”

The dinner house attached to the theater is not yet open but will be in the near future. “I believe around the tenth of February…Valentine’s Day we’re going to do a ribbon cutting,” assistant restaurant manager Keith Gram said.

According to Gram, patrons will be able to place online orders to the dinner house when they reserve their tickets and their food will be delivered to them at their seats in the theater.

Sperry’s Moviehouse is also working towards showing more than the standard blockbuster offerings. “We’re looking into independents and…also doing special features,” Gram said. “That’s all a negotiation with studios.”

Construction remains ongoing.