//Award winners announced

Award winners announced

Patterns 58th edition available now
Emily Mainguy
On Thursday, April 28 the 58th Edition of Patterns was debuted to the public during an award ceremony in the Fine Arts Theatre.
This year the magazine was created by Jason Grill, Emily Mainguy and Blair Spear.
“Overall I think it was a great experience. Prior to patterns I hadn’t gotten to do much production work outside of product photography. I also enjoyed getting the chance to learn more about the processes involved in making a full scale publication,” explained Blair Spear.
During the award ceremony they announced winners of first, second, and third place awards in categories such as, Short Story, Essay, Poetry, and Visual arts. Along with the special section awards; such as, the Richard Colwell, Kathy Nickerson, and Blanche Redman award.
Patterns is also used to present the Patrick Bourke and the Eleanor Mathews Award. According to this year’s edition, the Patrick Bourke and Eleanor Mathews Awards recognize students who have done exceptional work in a more general sense.

Below is a list of the awards and the winners:

Richard Colwell Award – Jason Justice
Second Place in Short Story – Matthew Vallee
Third Place in Short Story – Shane Brockett
Kathy Nickerson Award – Therese Majeski
Second Place in Essay – Lydia Nicholas
Third Place in Essay – Madison Magness
Blanche Redman Award – Jennifer Rostoni
Second Place in Poetry – Marcus Taylor
Third Place in Poetry – Lindsey Wiseman
First and Second Place in Visual Arts – Rachel Henion
Third Place in Visual Arts – Joanna Ingles
Eleanor Mathews Award – Kathleen McGowan
Patrick Bourke Award – Emily Mainguy

To see and read the winning pieces you can pick up a copy of this year’s edition in the Fine Arts galleries.
Next year’s Patterns submission forms can be found in the Fine Arts building and applications are due in December.