//Late to the game

Late to the game

Some cars play sports together
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Soccer, also known as futbol, hasn’t changed much through the years. The ball gets kicked, there are nets, teams, etc.
But the burning question calls out: What if cars played soccer?
Here’s the answer to the question no one was asking, “Rocket League.” A game where friends or strangers alike can get together and play the good ol’ wholesome game of soccer with cars.
But is it worth $19.99?
As stated earlier, the idea of “Rocket League” seems simple enough.
Have some Hot-Wheels like cars, have a ball, and play a game.
Seems easy enough.
The first time with “Rocket League” stands as most players worst and best time.
The controls are weird, no one shows sympathy, and you never seem to be able to land a hit on the ball. Despite the awkward controls, by the third game, you’ve mastered timing you’re boosts, you aren’t constantly turning around and suddenly hitting the ball comes much easier.
“Rocket League” somehow took a mess of controls and made them feel natural by forcing you to deal with them. (I don’t know how true this rings, but I’ve also heard it’s easier for less experienced gamers to understand.)
And “Rocket League’s” community rocks. My experience comes from the steam community, where you can ask almost any question (within reason) and someone will gladly show you a few tricks to the game.
The game does require a constant internet connection, so at times it can be laggy. Which can make the game four times harder to play.
That doesn’t hinder the fun too much, though.
“Rocket League” keeps up the fun with good humor. The player can customize the cars they play as.
From top hats to snowmen antenna ornaments, “Rocket League” will have you noticing and giggling at other players and their car’s fashion choices.
“Rocket League” stands on par with most other current generation games.
The game has a cartoony quality about it. The colors are nice to look at with an almost 70s style neon glow to it all.
The cars fit well into the world but still stand out well.
Sound wise, “Rocket League’s” fun soundtrack does its job while still carrying some weight of its own.
The sound effects are super satisfying. The blazing horn sounds when one of the teams score, the metal clank sounds great when you finally land a solid hit on the ball.
If anything, the sound reward you more than the score board does.
“Rocket League” does some weird things not found in most “sports” games.
Besides playing as a car, the game forces the player to not only play with awkward controls, but love them.
Though the concept seems simple, “Rocket League” really does something different here.
I know I can’t put “Rocket League” down.
Happy Gaming.