//It’s fake. Get over it.

It’s fake. Get over it.

Censorship in media
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Let me get this straight.
I can play as a female sniper wearing a small leotard but I can’t see the backside of a time traveler in a full body suit because you can tell she has a butt?
Censorship in media has been, and always will be a topic of discussion.
We’ve come a long way since the days of Freddy and Daphne sleeping in different beds, but it’s been a battle.
Violence and sexual behavior are just part of human nature. Not to say we should violent, but it’s something we as humans are curious about.
Growing up, I remember it was scandalous to teachers that I watched “Law and Order: SUV,” but now I hear about how a group of fifth graders are discussing the story telling styles of “The Walking Dead” for a homework assignment.
Granted, teachers are trying to use something most kids are expose to teach lessons, but it baffles me.
I’ll state this now, I’m 21. So not long ago was I being told that I shouldn’t “really be playing violent games” and my parents “shouldn’t let me watch ‘Game of Thrones.’”
I know the struggle of being under the amazing age of 17 and having to explain to my mom in detail what was in this rated M game I wanted so badly.
I won a lot of battles, but I lost a lot as well.
Now I’m 21 and I find myself seeking more kid friendly games and books to entertain myself, due to the fact that violence no longer exist in just those few things I got away with watching or playing, but now heavily controls the world I’ve started paying more attention to.
That doesn’t mean I support censorship.
This was brought up by a little incident regrading Blizzard’s new game, “Overwatch.”
Blizzard, known for the “World of Warcraft” games, likes to make the men muscly and the women… well, they don’t wear much.
Much to everyone’s surprise, their new title wouldn’t have as many breast on display. Though a few characters still do, it’s because it matched they’re personality.
One girl, a time traveler with a quirky personality was under attack. By one person.
One person emailed Blizzard and said her “Over the shoulder” (pictured in A) was too sexual for her personality. Blizzard announced they were going to change the pose because “everyone should feel like a hero.”
While outrage sparked over this, Blizzard released her new pose. A classic pinup pose (pictured in B).
Now I have a few ideas why Blizzard did this. I think they wanted to change the pose anyway and took the opportunity for media coverage on the game.
Or they really didn’t like people saying their characters were “too sexy” which probably meant to them they needed more sex appeal.
But this got me thinking, Blizzard could have given her a completely innocent pose. Now Blizzard understands the market for their games and knows a lot of people play them for the sexy characters.
Meaning, this pose would make more sense.
A lot of media and games are changed to “shield the audience” from things we as a society have decided collectively that we don’t want to see.
Hence why to me, “Game of Thrones” isn’t that bad compared to what my mom probably thinks about it.
I remember when I was younger, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” was recalled here in the U.S. when it was found out that the developers hid a graphic sex scene from the ERSB rating board. Meaning when it was found, the game was given an “AO” (Adults Only) rating and removed from the store shelves.
We still have a copy of it the AO version, due to lack of interest in returning it, but I remember thinking “Why is this so bad? The graphics don’t even look real.”
I guess to some up my point, we as humans only add controversy to these games when we make a big deal about it. Thus creating a type of free advertising to be interested in these things.
The same can be said for any episode of “The Walking Dead” when they censor the word “fuck” during the broadcast but add it in for the DVD releases.
I wouldn’t have bought those DVDs if it wasn’t for that fact.
I think of media censorship in the same light at censoring books and art. Not only is it not serving a real purpose, it only adds to the fuel of want, so I guess for a marketing department, it helps.
To bring my rambling to a close, I’d like to hear other thoughts about censorship. Do you agree with it? Do you hate it? Send us an email over to eriesquaregazette@gmail.com.