//“I’ll be back”

“I’ll be back”

Automatron DLC brings the metal
Nick “Chico” Hernandez & Mel Buskirk
Managing Editor & Copy Editor
Sentry bots, assaultrons, and Mr. Handys, oh my! The newest Fallout 4 DLC, Automatron, dropped on March 22 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. This DLC is the first of three that have been announced by Bethesda, the other two being Wasteland Workshop (a simple crafting expansion) and Far Harbor (a full blown DLC said to be bigger than Oblivion’s Shivering Isles).
Automatron brings a new level of crafting to the table in the form of robots. After you receive a distress signal from a caravan being attacked by hostile robots you encounter Ada, the only caravan survivor. However, you won’t receive the distress signal until you are level 15 or higher.
Ada is part assaultron, part protectron, and all revenge. She leads you on the three hour (it varies on play style) quest to find and stop The Mechanist, the person whom is leading/crating these hostile robots.
This opens the floor to building a robot workstation where you can customize Ada, or build a new robot entirely. All it takes is some blueprints and you can build to your heart’s content. I prefer a flying robot with two flaming swords called shishkebabs. The robots don’t just wonder around like useless settlers (looking at you, Jun Long), they can assigned to different stations to work as well. I use them mainly as guards.
Besides being able to build a mechanical agent of death (there are more mods for robots than I care to list), small additions to settlement building are welcome. These come in the form of more paintings, more signs, and miscellaneous items that can add that touch of home (or bloody torture room, your choice).
Not only are there new robots and new building materials to play with, but the DLC includes new weapons and armor as well. The robot armor found on a new enemy gang known as the “Rust Devils” provides a decent amount of ballistic and energy resistance if you don’t mind it taking up half of your carry weight. New unique legendary weapons – also made of robot parts – are fun additions to your arsenal.
While the story doesn’t have a lot of heart to it, Automatron will still be fun to most people. Additional dialogue is also available if players wear the Silver Shroud outfit while talking to The Mechanist, which can prove humorous.
Unless players have bought the Season Pass for Fallout 4 (currently sold at $49.99), the Automatron DLC will cost $10 to download. The $10 price tag is cheap compared to the hours can be spent just on building robots alone.
Automatron surely won’t win over every critic, but the cheap price and longevity of building and killing robots definitely makes it worth it to me.