/Time to be the best like no one ever was!

Time to be the best like no one ever was!

Nintendo releases the newest spinoff to a 20 year old franchise
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Growing up with Pokémon, our generation takes it very seriously when I knew game with a new formal to the franchise is released.
While Nintendo’s track record comes strong, a brand new game makes a lot of us older fans nervous.
No need to be nervous, however, because “Pokken Tournament” stands sound as another great Pokémon spin off.
“Pokken” can only be described as an arcade fighter, comparable to “Street Fighter” and “Mortal Kombat.”
The fighting style comes almost directly from the “Tekken” games.
Which comes off as strange at first because you play as humans in “Tekken”, so the Pokémon body types will feel weird at first.
The fighting was pulled off really well, though. I have no idea how Nintendo did it, but all the Pokémon, including a floating Chandelier-like creature, all control fluidly.
The multiplayer also comes as refreshing. Couch multiplayer doesn’t really exist in games anymore, with developers choosing to go with online only instead, but Nintendo falls out of pattern and gives a great local competitive gameplay.
The game also does a great job in separating itself from Nintendo’s other fighting series, “Super Smash Brothers.”
Known as a party game, “Smash” doesn’t get into the nitty gritty of what fighting games can feel like, instead going for an easier, party game for casual players.
“Pokken” really gets into the fights with not only an extensive move list for each Pokémon, but also takes every move from the original games.
Meaning Charizard knows fire spin and can use it, and it has the same affects as in the original titles.
The story can be dry, and lacks compared to the other 3D console Pokémon games such as “Pokémon Coliseum.”
Bringing back an older concept of “Shadow” Pokémon, the game tries too hard to be serious.
For any Wii U owner, “Pokken Tournament” will add to your collection of games nicely and won’t let you down. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. You won’t regret it.