//Six years and counting, ‘Stache Bash still a hit

Six years and counting, ‘Stache Bash still a hit

‘Staches for the masses
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Dapper gentlemen, beautiful women, eager attendees, and an uncountable length of mustache hair filled the American Legion Hall March 26 for the 6th Annual ‘Stache Bash. At 7 pm the doors opened; by 8pm, the hall was filled by all manner of people of all ages and sizes, along with the soothing tunes provided by The Mountain Babies, a local band.
‘Stache Bash is a charity event, hosted by Blue Water Social Club, where the proceeds are donated to Thin Blue Line of Michigan. According to tblofmi.com (the official website), “The Thin Blue Line of Michigan is a non-profit organization, which exists solely to assist and support the families of injured or deceased officers of law enforcement agencies within the State of Michigan.”
This years ‘Stache Bash raised $3,267 for Thin Blue Line of Michigan, a slight decrease from the $3,935 raised in 2015 but still infinitely better than $783 raised at the first ‘Stache Bash back in 2011. Either way, the money goes to people that need it.
A good portion of the donation money is raised when the ‘staches are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Just like with any auction, the dollar signs can add up quickly and usually does.
Besides raising money for Thin Blue Line of Michigan, local businesses also peddled their wares. Among them were Literacy and Beyond, Big Bear Body Care, and Loud Music and Apparel. Thin Blue Line of Michigan also had a table set up as well.
In addition to local businesses, ‘Stache Bash memorabilia was sold as well from shirts to key chains. A 50/50 raffle and random drawing (which gave away gift baskets from Kate’s Downtown, Lynch’s, and many more) encouraged many to open their wallets before the ‘stache auctioning began. A ‘stache themed seesaw was also present.
Among the men with twirly, long, or simply silly mustaches, many other people donned fake stick-on mustaches that were handed out at the cash bar.
Ryan McInnis of the Blue Water Social Club said, “We began to question whether we would do it [‘Stache Bash] or not, but we had an overwhelming vote to do it.” McInnis also said that the American Legion donated the hall for them to use and that he is “honored” and gave “props to the American Legion” for letting them host ‘Stache Bash there.
Todd Bailey, the event coordinator for this years ‘Stache Bash, said it wasn’t hard to set up the event but that he would’ve started earlier if he could. Bailey said the event took only one month to set up, but that he also had a lot of help and had a great group of people to work with as well.
Drake West, 33 from Port Huron, said this was the “best ‘Stache Bash yet.” He added, “I always look forward to it.”
Kevin Davis, 37 from Port Huron, said he shed “A single manly tear for the fallen ‘staches.” As he played with his fake mustache, he added that he had “a big smile for the money raised for Thin Blue Line.”