//Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax

Coping with stress during finals
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Though it may not feel like it, Finals are just around the corner, and most students start off by pretending they don’t exist.
Finals are a big undertaking, but the stress those pesky tests and projects cause ruin many students’ last month of college.
Take it from a fellow student, learning how to deal with stress in a healthy way will make any assignment a teacher gives you a lot easier and possibly, faster to do.
So here’s a few tips on how to handle stress so finals don’t seem so final.
Note: these are ways I have learned how to deal with stress. Everyone deals with it differently. Give yourself a few days to see if one or more of these methods work.
Learn how to breathe.
This may seem obvious, but a lot of stress can make you forget the easy part of the day. If it feels like an assignment or project will take over, just breathe. No, it won’t make the problem go away, but you freaking out and causing yourself more problems won’t either. No one’s going to get mad if you need to take five. Just don’t let that five take more than five.
Don’t procrastinate.
While it seems obvious, more than likely procrastination is the cause of your issues. Once you learn about a project (even at the beginning of the year), schedule out days and plan to get it done before the date it’s due. Study in healthy intervals a few nights a week (I usually try for 45 minutes myself) so that test doesn’t seem so scary. And do not cram! You won’t remember half of what you read the night before at two am. Don’t waste time when you could be sleeping.
In an article about relaxing, this would seem obvious, but relaxing can help. Pick up a hobby. My preference for this happens to be reading or playing video games. Do what you need to relax on a timer, though. A half hour of reading can put you back into a stable mindset. This way, you’re not killing yourself over a project. Note: Binge watching Netflix for 12 hours will not relax you or help you with a project. Unless it’s on Daredevil.
Listen to some tunes.
Rock out, get your funk on, groove with the beat or panic at some discos. Whatever you need to, help yourself to your favorite songs. I try to pick something out that I know and that puts me in a “safe place.” Meaning, music you know so well, it won’t be distracting.
Eat, sleep, bathe, and repeat!
Take care of your body! Eating awful foods (no matter how good they taste), not drinking water (or drinking alcohol), and refusing to sleep will NOT help you feel better. Your body will not function and remember those math formulas if you don’t treat it with respect. Eat three full meals, two snacks, drink lots of water, sleep well and bathe. You’ll thank me later.