//Music from another perspective

Music from another perspective

A taste of the DSO
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor
All music, being fluid, can be played on almost any instrument. An example being a flute playing a piece that was written for the violin.
A piece that has notes higher than what the flute can play.
Feats such as this were the sounds heard the last Noon and Night Concert.
SC4 invited flautist Sharon Sparrow and percussionist Joseph Becker from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) to perform for the community.
Sparrow did note how strange the combination was. “I think we came up with the pairing of Joseph and me before we even thought of the instruments,” Sparrow said.
The two chose music based on the sound, not the instruments. Becker said that he enjoyed playing guitars parts on his xylophone because the melody.
The hour long performance showed off how well versed the two were with adapting music.
Taking music like Bordel 1900 from Hostoire Du Tango and Uptown, Out of Town and rewriting it for the duet.
Missed the performance but still interested in the DSO?
The DSO can be heard for free online on their webcast at http://www.dso.org/live or students can buy Soundcard Student passes for $25 for the whole season at dso.org.