//Late to the Game

Late to the Game

Finding the bird, I mean, love of your life
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Finding love isn’t easy, especially for birds. Well, maybe for birds. I’m not an expert, but according to “Hatoful Boyfriend,” it’s tough.
“Hatoful Boyfriend” is a dating simulator, visual novel style game, about birds.
As in dating them.
It’s not as farfetched of an idea as it seems.
But is it worth $9.99?
Being a visual novel, “Hatoful Boyfriend” plays like a point and click adventure. The player gets to choose the actions of the main character by picking different responses to the birds’ questions.
Normally, games like this try to take the route of being “mysterious and sexy” (it’s a dating simulator) though “Hatoful Boyfriend” does it in a sillier fashion with questions that deal directly with bird feeding habits and other bird topics.
The game itself is really well done, when it comes to the world of dating sims.
The characters are fleshed out and interesting and don’t just give flat responses. Each bird really has a personality of its own.
While gameplay can be slow, the plethora of choices really makes for an interesting experience.
“Hatoful Boyfriend” takes place on some version of Earth that birds took the place of humans. The story mainly unfolds at St. PigeoNation’s Institute.
The player controls a human who lives in the wilderness and attends school as the only human in the bird academy.
Most of the back story consists of information on the war between humans and birds.
The most important part, however, is the interactions with the romantic interests. All are given the option to be seen in human guise, or the way nature intended, as birds. These characters can be wooed and fall in love with the player.
The story of the game itself doesn’t do much. At first, the school days can be repetitive, but once the story starts to pick up, and more birds are introduced, it gets better.
Bird chirping and pictures of birds really fill up this category. The art in the background, the “alternative” designs for the love interest and the soundtrack look like flat art from a generic anime.
So much more could have been done, but the visuals just aren’t impressive and the soundtrack is boring.
The birds at least look nice. I mean, if you don’t mind the birds.
“Hatoful Boyfriend” is fun. Not game of the year material, but fun. If you want to “coo” over the love of your life, or just really like birds, this game will have you giggling and enjoying yourself.
Steam usually puts games like this on sale, so pick it up when it’s half off.
Happy gaming.