//Health and wellness finds its way to SC4

Health and wellness finds its way to SC4

Tips to stay healthy
Lauren Schwartz
Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to get heathier, but you don’t know how? Let’s be real, dieting sucks and the food that are the worst for us taste the best, and trying to count calories while getting six servings of grains, five servings of vegetables, three servings of meats, fruits, and dairy, all while balancing carbohydrates, fiber, protein, cholesterol, and fats is hard. Plus, what’s the difference between unsaturated and saturated fat? Fat is fat, right?
Well, relax. Before you go diving nose first into something that is going to take mass amounts of self-control, and restraint, understand that your health and wellness isn’t an all or nothing thing.
Here are some steps in order to help make sense of the situation:
1. Find a buddy. Whether you’re killing it at the gym, or taking a more secluded path and exercising at home, find a buddy. A friend is a solid support system that will push you toward your goals and make sure you get your recommended thirty minutes of physical activity a day.
2. Set realistic goals for yourself. Sadly, it’s near impossible to get a six-pack in two weeks, no matter how many sit-ups you do, trust me, I’ve tried. Instead, start off by setting a number of miles you will go by the end of the week, or having fruity Fridays, whatever you decide to do, it’s a start, and you should be proud of yourself.
3. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t see results right away. Say you eat healthy all week and step on the scale and haven’t lost a pound, or look the same in the mirror after working out hard all week, that’s normal. It takes your body time to get used to things, and some studies even suggest that it can take up to four months before your brain starts to notice the changes. Remember, slow progress is still progress.
Working out is hard and time consuming, and most people struggle with it. Who wants to work out after waking up at four A.M.? Add family into the mix and it becomes even harder. So, take the stairs, eat an apple instead of chips, or even take a lap or two around the office. Start small, and you will be more likely to succeed with your goals.