//A big heart in a young kid

A big heart in a young kid

Student collects hygiene products for homeless
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
Imagine being a high school student, a college student, working part time and collecting items for local homeless shelters all at the same time. This is exactly what seventeen year old Macy Wurmlinger is doing.
The Landmark Academy and St. Clair County Community College student was researching when she came across an article that pointed out there is a desperate need for feminine hygiene products amongst the homeless, when she came up with the idea to collect hygiene products in general for the local homeless shelters.
“I have always cared about homeless people since I was a little girl and even more so since I’ve become more exposed to how prevalent the problem is,” Wurmlinger said.
In 2014 MidCity Nutrition served more than 1,661 individuals from the area. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that in Michigan 12,227 people were homeless in a single night.
Collecting items was an easy decision for Wurmlinger to make. With the support of her friends, coworkers, family and community this project has gone over well so far. “My parents have been so supportive! They’ve been helping collect things and have helped me organize everything!”
Partnering with local radio station 88.3 FM located at 2865 Maywood Drive in Port Huron, Wurmlinger is having any items donated dropped off at the station. She is taking the items to Pathways and MidCity Nutrition in Port Huron. Collecting will be continuing until the end of May. Wurmlinger is hoping that this project will help motivate more people to help out and make a difference in our community.