/The undead bite again

The undead bite again

Our bloody Valentine
Heather Silvola
Guest Writer
February 14 is a day to show your lover how much you care. But who needs love when you have the winter premiere of “The Walking Dead.”
Past this point I should warn you, if you haven’t caught up on “The Walking Dead,” get out from under that rock and go catch up! In other words, there will be spoilers.
We’ve seen a lot these past few seasons; from the death of some beloved characters to, in my opinion, the introduction to some of the greatest characters we’ve had on “The Walking Dead.” We are brought back into the show with an explosive beginning, to say the least. I was prepared to lose some characters but nothing could prepare me for the shot that stopped my heart, temporarily. We had a couple growth arcs and to me, that was the best part. I’m quite proud of these two characters but what one said really stood out.
“Because God has given us the courage to save it (Alexandria) ourselves,” said Father Gabriel from “The Walking Dead.”
Overall, I’m satisfied with the winter premiere but it’s left a gaping hole in my heart that only can be filled with seeing how the situations play out in later episodes.