//State of the college address explains budget and future plans

State of the college address explains budget and future plans

The financial future of SC4
Emily Mainguy

On Friday, Jan. 22 the SC4 faculty and staff met to get an update on the projected budget and changes coming to the college this year.
The first topic of the meeting was the projected 2016-2017 budget. In this section of the meeting they compared the last six years of budget figures to show that there is a decline in income.
In the 2016-2017 budget the total expenditures is $30,980,000, where only $12,500,000 of the incoming money comes from tuition and fees and the rest comes from property taxes, state aid, and a section called other income (which was not explained). To give these numbers some perspective last year’s budget totaled $30,600,000 which is $380,000 less than the 2016-2017 projected budget.
In the current budget work up there is a $650,000 deficit. “We will build a strategy to where we can adjust” explained Becky Getner, the Director of Financial Systems.
Getner went on to explain that, “In Feburary we will hold cost center manager meetings and create a tuition recommendation, in March we will be compiling the information we have gathered and make our revisions to the budget to present to the board in April.”
Another topic during the meeting was the IT Department explaining their goals for the next year. They plan on getting an e-transcript service up and running for students to easily access their transcripts and to increase Wi-Fi coverage on campus.
Next were the testing changes to happen in the coming year. According to Mr. Jim Neese, the Compass testing would be ending Nov. 2016, and that they are looking at switching to Accuplacer when the college uses up the Compass Tests they have already purchased. He continued on to explain that with the state switching from ACT testing to SAT they would have to reexamine the cut off scores for prospective students.
To end the meeting Dr. Kevin Pollock thanked the faculty and staff for all of their hard work and stated some of the accomplishments they have made during his time at SC4. Over the next year there are going to be quite a few changes and upgrades.