//McMorran purchase moves forward

McMorran purchase moves forward

Other changes underway
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

During the City Council meeting on Jan 25, the council voted to approve the purchase agreement with St. Clair County Community College for the ownership of McMorran Pavilion and Tower. Two council members, Alphonso Amos and Alan Lewandowski, rejected the agreement along with a few citizens that attended the meeting.
The main concern raised was by Scott Worden, who was concerned with the fate of the historic McMorran Tower. The Tower, built in 1965, is included in the McMorran purchase agreement. While according to the agreement, within the first ten years of ownership a committee – consisting of representatives from SC4, McMorran Management, and the city – must approve of all changes made to the Pavilion and Tower. Concerns for the Tower were raised for after the ten year period in which SC4 would have the right to alter its property in any way, including razing the tower. There has been no indication by SC4 administration or in the 2012-2025 SC4 Facility Master Plan to alter the Tower.
While the purchase agreement is almost settled, only needing confirmation from the SC4 Board of Trustees, other changes are making waves in SC4. This past month both Board of Trustee member David Oppliger and President of SC4 Dr. Kevin Pollock announced their resignations.
Oppliger announced his resignation on Jan 18, effective immediately. Oppliger has stated that he had prior work obligations, as he is a lawyer. Oppliger has been on the Board of Trustees since 2008, with his term ending in Dec 2016. Applications submitted by Feb 1 will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees during their regular meeting on Feb 11 in MTEC room 150 at 4:30 pm. The chosen applicant will finish the remaining 10 ½ months of Oppliger’s term, with chance for reelection this November.
Dr. Pollock also announced his resignation on Jan 19, effective Mar 31. Dr. Pollock has been elected President of Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, effective Apr 1. Dr. Pollock has been President of SC4 since Apr 2009.
Another notable resignation is Denise McNeil’s, the Vice President of Academic Services. She announced her retirement effective at the end of the winter 2016 semester.
The effect of these resignations on the SC4 student body is not apparent at this time; however, with new leadership comes new changes for better or worse.