//Late to the game: reviewing older games for those who want to save some cash

Late to the game: reviewing older games for those who want to save some cash

Plague INC

Taking on the world, one plague at a time
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

In a mere 20 minutes, civilization could be collapsing in a fight against the next great plague!
“Plague Inc: Evolved” put you in a position of control over a disease destroying the world. Along the way you have to evolve your plague so it becomes impossible to cure. But is it worth $14.99?
So much detail goes into this game’s mechanics. The idea is to level up your plague as it spreads throughout the world. How it evolves depends on where you start in the world, how fast it shows symptoms, and how quickly the world catches on to it.
Meaning you have many categories to make your plague become deadly or weak.
Another large part of the game is how you decide it should spread. Though the plague mutates on its own, you can still control if travels faster airborne, or if it can survive harsh temperatures and travel though food and so on.
The game seems limitless at first, but it doesn’t stay that way. Each plague has its own, optimal way of growing, and won’t work well if you choose another route.
The game looks like a “Risk” board game. Just a map of the world that serves as a visual to how fast the plagues travel, as indicated by red spots.
The game isn’t bad to look at, though. The little animated cells of each plague moves the same way the real counterpart would.
It’s pleasant and does what needed to be done for the game.
The game’s soundtrack really doesn’t do anything. There is ambient noise to set the mood, but it’s not great. The sound effects are annoying. It’s not even worth the time. Just ignore the music and put on Netflix or Pandora in the background. You’ll thank me later.
“Plague Inc: Evolved” will entertain you for hours. It’s not easy either, so you won’t just fly through it. I highly recommend giving it a shot. This game might need a new laptop to play without any problems, but lowering the settings should make it run quite smoothly.
Happy Gaming.