//Kro’s Krew returns to Studio 1219 with new artists

Kro’s Krew returns to Studio 1219 with new artists

Four students display artwork
Mond Jones
Guest Writer
If there’s one thing SC4’s art program has, it’s creative and skilled artists, and the Kro’s
Krew student art show was no exception. Last Friday I visited studio 1219 where artists Emily
Mainguy, Kira Benke, Kaylee Knaggs, and Jason Grill exhibited some of their works.
Studio 1219 is home to artwork from many artists, young and old, from all walks of life within the Blue Water community of course!
Though the show wasn’t themed, variety of artists, mediums, and styles gave the show charm, and had a little something for everyone from delicate graphite drawings, dark digital illustrations, graphic cartoonesque prints, and natural photography.
One of my favorite pieces in the show was a piece done by Kira Benke titled “Zombie
Head” and it portrayed an oozing zombie head, like something out of a hardcore punk magazine. Benke has done lots of custom designs and works often with local musicians and bands. Her style is very clean, yet it still embodies a darker, more mysterious subculture.
Kaylee Knaggs also had a piece that caught my eye; a skateboard deck cut into the shape of an elephant, and painted as such in an eastern style. The artist informed me that it was somewhat of an homage to an exchange student she knew from Thailand, and was heavily influenced by an annual festival that happens in the country where people paint and parade elephants. The clever use of the board, not only as a canvas but a design element as well, was golden.
The show altogether was a pleasant spectacle to behold, and every piece embodied the individual style of each artist, which is important in developing a unique modus operandi. It’s funny how when asked, whether it was their first show or their 5th, each artist I spoke with admitted to feeling nervous. I guess no matter how good you are, the butterflies never really go away.
Friends, family and strangers alike gathered to peruse what the students had to offer. Not only did the exhibition show a variety of art, but it gives a taste of what the creative culture of SC4 has to offer.