//Free martial arts class

Free martial arts class

Kempo and kickboxing to help you kick butt
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

In this day and age crime fighting superheroes and kung fu pandas dominate our television and silver screens, karate chopping their way through bad guys and into the hearts and minds of children and adults alike. However many of us know the bad guys, unlike our heroes, are here in our world too. Whether you’re looking to learn how to kick butt or save your own, learning a martial art can be an invaluable skill.
Marty’s Martial Arts Class is a free class hosted by Marty Tonkovich at the American Red Cross every Wednesday at 7 pm. A blend of Kempo – an oriental combat art – and kickboxing is taught to students of all ages at their own pace.
Tonkovich is focused on teaching his students practical self-defense moves as well as the art of Kempo. “I want to have my students come out of here after a few classes and be able to defend themselves on the street,” Tonkovich said.
People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this free class. The class is family friendly, with no swearing allowed. Other recommendations are good hygiene and appropriate clothing (loose fitting apparel, workout clothes).
This free class is held in the basement of the American Red Cross on 615 Pine Street in Port Huron every Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm. For more information, show up before class or email Marty Tonkovich at mtonk@live.com.