Marvel’s movie fun without the family
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor
One of my most anticipated movies of 2016 is finally is here.
Now I’m going to start by saying I’m your typical “I haven’t read the comics but I’m a huge fan of the movies” person.
The first five minutes had my complete attention, I was in love. Not only because Ryan Reynolds smokin’ hot body, but the movie was hilarious!
Of course there were serious moments that Ryan Reynolds, as Deadpool, ruined with some sarcastic remark. The movie itself was not what I was expecting. The movie has an R rating, it was full of profanity and violence. It’s not a normal Marvel movie. It was in no way family friendly.
In typical Marvel fashion, Stan Lee made a cameo appearance, in the most unexpected way.
I think the thing I liked most about Deadpool was all of the constant X-Men jokes and references.
I must be honest, this movie makes me want to start reading the Deadpool comics.
Overall I give Deadpool a solid 10/10.