//Criminal Justice teacher adds dose of real life to class

Criminal Justice teacher adds dose of real life to class

Students challenged to solve double homicide case
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Criminal Justice is not a new program to SC4, but the idea of having a class solve an active homicide case is. Lecturer David King, 65 of Port Huron, has been teaching Criminal Justice full time at SC4 for the last two years. King, who has 35 years of experience in Law Enforcement, has challenged his classes to try and solve the murder of James and Christine McKeogh that took place in Clinton Township Jan 14.
“I thought it would be an interesting way to keep them engaged in this class, and in real world criminal justice stuff,” King said. “The timing of this particular high-profile crime, in relative close proximity to our campus, might present an opportunity for us to discuss the case and for my students to ask me questions; ‘What do you suppose the police are looking for?’, ‘What do you suppose they’re doing now?’, ‘What might their plan of attack be, in terms of the investigation?’”
The case is still currently unsolved by police or anyone else.
One freshman student, who wished to remain anonymous, said “I think it’s an interesting concept to solve an actual murder, but I think it’s very difficult to get all the facts on the outside of the investigation. It’s pretty much a guessing game.”
George Harris, 18, who is taking Intro to Criminal Justice under a different teacher, said, “The idea to solve a murder in-class sounds really old-school and cool. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it other than on a T.V. show.”
“Whatever our students do here at SC4, I strongly encourage them to finish their Associates Degree before they go on to do anything else. Once you have that degree, no one can take it away from you. I want to say this to our Criminal Justice students: As a former police chief and hiring agent, if I have the choice between someone that doesn’t have a college degree and one that does, and all other things are equal, I’ll take the individual that has the college degree,” King said.