//Out with the cold, in with the new

Out with the cold, in with the new


Blue Water Area Transit Bus Center now open

Nick “Chico” Hernandez

Managing Editor

The crisp air of January may not be as common now as in previous years, but the freezing temperatures are still very real to the people that ride on Blue Water Transit buses. However, the teen Fahrenheit temperatures have no effect on the people now that the Bus Center is open.

Since Dec 11, the Bus Center has been opened to the public. It comes equipped with vending machines, bathrooms, mounted TVs, plentiful seating, heat, and a spot for buying tickets and bus passes.

A monthly G.A.P. pass is $27, and the ten-day pass is $10.50. An adult full fare costs 80 cents, a youth fare (ages 8 through 17) is 65 cents, and handicapped or senior citizens are 40 cents.

The move from the Quay Street pickup (in front of Zebra parking lot) to the Bus Center has been greeted with warm reception, a polar opposite feeling two months ago when construction was held up due to DTE and contractors.

Dispute some icy comments around social media and local newspapers, the project is up and running while still being, “about $300,000 under budget” as stated by Blue Water Area Transit (BWAT) general manager Jim Wilson. The remaining fuels will help fuel the finishing touches on the second building.

Erin Jones, 19, of Port Huron said, “No longer do I have wait in freezing temperatures for a bus. Its heated [in the Bus Center] and everything. This is how you show you care about your customers.”

Dameon Qieate, 26, of Fort Gratiot said, “It definitely beats Zebra parking lot. I always felt like I gonna get mugged over there, not to mention how cold it was. This is much better.”