//McMorran Pavilion and faculty contracts pushed off

McMorran Pavilion and faculty contracts pushed off

Board Meeting

Board of Trustees meeting brings no final decisions yet

Mel Buskirk

Copy Editor


On Thursday, Jan. 14 crowds of concerned faculty, students, and citizens packed room 150 in the

MTEC building for the first Board of Trustees meeting of the year. Many of which were anticipating the completion and signing of the purchase agreement for the McMorran Pavilion, which has been postponed to the BoT meeting in February.

Others included faculty members and concerned students to show faculty support for the ongoing contract negotiations. During the public comment section, one student and mother, Sherri Warner, spoke out in support for faculty, pleading to the BoT to not cut any faculty in the upcoming contract agreement. Warner is the mother of four other students here at SC4, with the whole family attending honors classes and are members of Phi Theta Kappa. Warner stated that she or her children wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the helpful, quality professors that have taught them.

As the elected treasurer of Speaker Township, Warner understands the tough decisions that the BoT encounters. However, in her opinion, cutting faculty is not the right decision. After her comment, Warner stated, “I just hope they hear what I have to say and pay attention.”

Amidst fears of faculty and students alike Dr. Pollock defended the BoT saying, “We never intended to cut full-time faculty.”

Another speaker Scott Worden took the opportunity of the postponed McMorran agreement to argue further for the Minor Hockey Association. Worden claimed he was disappointed in the actions of the BoT.

Worden appealed to the Board during the public comment section bringing up an instance from 1991 in which Mueller Brass Co. was going to purchase a plot of land that was the location of the Port Huron Little League’s ballpark. Instead of purchasing it to expand its operations, Mueller Brass Co. gave the ballpark back to the city for the Little League’s benefit. “This is all about the kids. It’s all about the kids in the community now and the kids in the community in the future,” Worden stated.

Many attendants, like Worden, felt disappointed and uneasy at the end of the BoT meeting.

“I found this whole thing disheartening,” said Marilind Roff, a faculty member and Office Administration professor at SC4 since 1992.

The completion of the purchase agreement and decisions about faculty contracts are anticipated for the Feb. 11 meeting.