//Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Emily Mainguy

Welcome back Readers to another semester!
We are still looking for new members to teach in the ways of the Jedi. Even if you have no experience or do not plan to major in Journalism stop by one of our meetings and give it a try!
The ESG is looking for Staff Writers, Graphic Designers, Sports Writers, Photographers,
and Comic Artists.
The Erie Square Gazette meets on Thursdays in the Main Building from 2-3 pm in room 122 and 123 in the Main Building.
If you cannot make it to one of those meetings stop by our table at Club Awareness Day on Feb 3 from 11-1 pm in the College Center.
If you are curious about joining or have questions, feel free to email me at emainguy@att.net, or find me on Facebook.