//Late to the Game: reviewing older games for those who want to save some cash

Late to the Game: reviewing older games for those who want to save some cash


A game about finding your inner bread, then toasting it
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Have you ever wondered what your bread feels like when you toast it? Well look no further!
Sort of.
“I Am Bread” follows the story of a piece of bread, slowly ruining a man’s life by finding any way, shape, or form to become toast. Bossa Studios created a game that’s different, and interesting. But is it worth $12.99?
Gameplay: 8/10
Playing as a piece of bread can get tedious. The game can be easily described as rage inducing. But that’s the point. You have very limited movements that need to be coordinated to quickly find a way to toast yourself. Which is frustrating because 60% of the surfaces in the levels will either leave you dirty, growing mold, or just completely inedible. If you can finish the level, you’re left with such a satisfied feeling of “I did it.”
The controls are awkward at best, but adds a bit of charm to the game itself. Keyboard controls are extremely restricting for someone (such as myself) who only uses gamepads such as 360 controllers. The game tackles controlling something most overlook; figuring out a way to make bread interactive. Bossa Studios ran with it, and somehow made controls that (sort of) make sense in such a scenario.
Graphics: 8/10
To be fair, this game wasn’t out to break barriers graphically. The nice bright colors and solid environments are satisfying to look at. The “gross” look for the dirt and mold you have to avoid are cartoonish yet make you gag enough not to want to roll around in it, as the bread that is. The bread puns hidden throughout the world were nice touches as well.
Sound: 7/10
“I Am Bread” is not known for its soundtrack. The music loops, so if you take your time in a level, you may find yourself hating the music after an hour or so. The sound effects and noises are spot on and great, but the looping music really can annoy you. After a while, I just turned the sound off and listened to some in the background. I recommend if you do this, pick something soothing.
Story: 6/10
The story is hilarious, but after 10 minutes, you really don’t care much anymore. It really only explains why you make toast everywhere in the house, not just the kitchen. If you want a good story, this may not be the game for you. If you like funny bits of information in between levels, you’ll enjoy what you get.
Overall: 7/10
I do recommend it. For the money possibly, you’d be buying a cute, fun frustrating game, and possibly the best drinking game. The game can be purchased on Steam and does not require a top of the line gaming computer.
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