//Don’t be late for these very important dates!

Don’t be late for these very important dates!

Dates to know for the winter semester

Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

Finally registration is over and it’s time to start classes.
But when does everything else happen?
Winter semester can be a stressful time of the year, so here are some important dates to keep track, so no one gets lost.
First, early alert grades on Feb 22. They’re a great tool to make sure students are keeping afloat in all of they’re classes. These can be accessed via the portal.
Feb 28 brings the deadline for applying for graduation. For those who plan on walking in either May or August, make sure to head on over to sc4 website and click on “Graduation applications” under the Alumni tab. Students can also apply electronically in the portal.
April brings a few important dates. First, the last day to drop from a class with a “W” is April 2. Spring break then comes April 4 through 8. (Only 77 days until break!)
Finals then begin May 2, Commencement and the end of winter semester fall on the same day, May 6, and finals grade get posted on May 9.
You can find these dates and more by logging on to sc4.edu and clicking the “important dates” under the academics tab.