//Stress relief in new ways

Stress relief in new ways

New events at this semester’s Stressbreaker
Jamie Koebke
Business Editor

Some people believe that a smile can change someone’s day, what do you think they’d say about a room of smiles?
On Tuesday December 1 Student Government hosted a stress breaker that involved a room full of smiles, they had four dogs brought to the school to try and relieve stress from students.
“Student Government makes people happy,” said Student Government Vice President Justin Woolman said.
The dogs brought in were therapy dogs and a six month old puppy who is being trained to be a leader dog.
There was so much excitement about dogs being on campus that it was all over social media. Four out of the five students I asked said they heard about it the dogs on twitter.
Student Andrew Hinojosa, 21 said, “This was a good idea, everyone loves puppies! Even when you first walk in they have instant smiles! No one is thinking about tests or finals all their thinking about is puppies!”
The dogs were not the only way campus clubs helped relive stress for students throughout the week, Guitar Hero was set up in the Cafeteria, musical performance by the Gasoline Gypsies and much more were available for free for students.
The Gasoline Gypsies are a local band from Port Huron. The Gypsies have a new album coming out soon. They were brought to students by the Erie Square Gazette. They were on campus for three hours on December 3. They were located in the college center.
“The Gasoline Gypsies was a really good stress reliever, I got to listen to good music with good friends.” student Macy Wurmlinger, 17, said.