/Pavilion sale not set in stone

Pavilion sale not set in stone

Meetings continue to discuss the sale of the McMorran
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

The Alumni Room in the Student Center was packed with around 40 concerned faculty and citizens on Thursday, Nov. 12 as the Board of Trustees met to discuss whether to take the next steps in purchasing the McMorran Pavilion from the city of Port Huron.
Comments from citizens and faculty were allowed before the subject went to a vote. Professor Ben Hunckler and business owner Scott Worden, both of which attended the City Council meeting earlier that week, spoke the same message – why couldn’t a compromise be worked out between SC4 and the Minor Hockey Association?
Out of the seven Board of Trustees members, only five were in attendance with David Oppliger and Robert Tansky being absent. Another Board of Trustee member, John Adair, chose not to participate in the vote due to a conflict of interest. The remaining Board of Trustee members — Nicholas DeGrazia, Denise Brooks, John Ogden, and Robert Kusch – all voted yes to continuing negotiations with the city of Port Huron.
A final proposal was not made at the Board of Trustees meeting, and was not proposed at the City Council meeting on Monday, Nov. 23.
The meeting on Monday, Nov. 23 was quieter than the meeting on Monday, Nov. 9, with only 20 people in attendance. Little discussion about the sale of the McMorran Pavilion was made during the City Council meeting, including a comment made by one citizen of Port Huron, Frank Hoffman.
Hoffman inquired if Kramer Realty was the company that the city went through to get an appraisal on the McMorran Pavilion, which was confirmed by City Manager James Freed. According to Hoffman, Gerald Kramer, the owner and founder of Kramer Realty, served the SC4 Foundation for over two years, presenting a conflict of interest.
Scott Worden also spoke at the City Council meeting and said, “You have defied the will of the people.” Worden brought up that the council members had brought pre-written speeches with them to the meeting on Nov. 9, implying that they had already determined their course of action without first taking into consideration the public comments that were made that evening.
An official date has not been set by either the City Council or the Board of Trustees to determine the final sale of the McMorran Pavilion. The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held on Dec. 10 at 4:30 pm in room 150 of the MTEC building on SC4 campus. The next City Council meeting will be Dec. 14 at 7 pm in the Public Meeting Room of the Municipal Office Center.