//Cheap textbooks websites

Cheap textbooks websites

Save some money by shopping textbooks online
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
The bane of many college students comes from not just finals and annoying classmates, but sinking hard earned cash into dead trees with words on them. Textbooks, while also giving large amounts of profits to corporations, are usually required for any class that a student would need to graduate. Amongst the rise of textbook prices has come web sites that sell textbooks as cheap as possible.
The first site for any penny-pinching student to visit is Amazon. Finding textbooks on Amazon is easy enough, and tracking ISBN through the search bar is just as simple. Amazon also has the option to rent the book from them, and it is usually cheaper than renting from the SC4 book store. Along with legendary customer service, Amazon should be a first draft pick for students hoping to save a few bucks.
eBay isn’t the best choice for textbooks. Use this site only if desperation is in full swing; however, eBay owns half.com which specializes in selling books. Aside from that, a side list will pop up called “dorm entertainment.” That list, appropriately enough, has such titles as Wedding Crashers and Gears of War.
Texts.com brings a few choices to the table. On one side, it supports a “marketplace” for local buyers and sellers. Example: Seller A has a book for sale in the Main Building. Buyer B in the CEM building wants said book. They discuss where to meet, and then have a personal transaction. Alternately, Buyer B could also pay Seller A with PayPal and still have the face-to-face transaction.
Texts.com also allows you to use an internet search engine of sorts. This isn’t new, and many other book sites use this tactic as well. The search engine allows anyone to type in the name of a book (example: English Comp & Style) and the result will be a full list of sites that have this book in stock along with their respective prices.
Although the internet is scattered with thousands of other book sites, these three should be on the first round draft pick of any student hoping to save some money. Because education is cool, but overpriced textbooks aren’t.