//A new face in the Marketing Department

A new face in the Marketing Department

New beginnings for former Times Herald Sports Writer
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Paul Costanzo is a new face St. Clair County Community College, but a seasoned resident of the Port Huron area. Costanzo, 33 of Fort Gratiot, is the Digital Content and Communications Coordinator for the Marketing Department.
Before taking the plunge into SC4, Costanzo worked at The Times Herald for nine and a half years covering any kind of sports event in the area. “I was a sports writer. I was constantly around what I love,” Costanzo said.
Ever since sixth grade, Costanzo knew he wanted to write about sports. He graduated from Alma High School in Nebraska and went on to Central Michigan University to earn a Bachelors in Science and Journalism with a Concentration in Advertising.
The reason for a Concentration in Advertising came to Costanzo after a talk with his mother whom told him, “your tastes are too expensive to be a journalist, you should go into advertising. I tried, but I just couldn’t.” Costanzo said as his reasoning for not jumping into advertising first, “I liked it, but I liked the writing more.”
Costanzo is also a family man, which became a big reason to transition to SC4 from The Times Heard. Costanzo sighted opposite work schedules as the big reason for changing jobs. “My wife, Kate, is a middle school teacher here in town. She was working during the day and I was dropping the kids with her after she got out of work. Then I was going to work. It was like I was a single parent while she was at work, then when I was at work she was a single parent.”
“It’s different,” Costanzo said of his new job. He cited his connections to the people that already work in the Marketing Department as the reason he’s been able to adapt quickly. “They been able to ease me into it, and let me start with things I’m comfortable with,” Costanzo said.