/Thirteen years and half a million dollars later

Thirteen years and half a million dollars later

This year’s Red Carpet Affair raises $48,190
Emily Mainguy

Clean black tablecloths, red roses, white roses, jazz music, and food vendors adorned the Red Carpet Affair on Saturday, Nov. 7.
This year’s theme of the Red Carpet Affair was Black and White on the Red Carpet. The college’s fundraising campaign was for raising money to purchase new technology for our nursing, allied health students and medical community training; which includes purchasing a birthing simulator, and newborn infant simulator.
According to Jody Skonieczny, the new simulation lab will be a partnership with McLaren Port Huron.
New to the program this year were a couple of award presentations such as the Martin E. Weiss Distinguished Service, the Alumni of the Year, and the Red Carpet Affair Marquee Award.
The Awards were presented to the following:
– Martin E. Weiss Distinguished Service: Martin E. Weiss
– Alumni of the Year: Harold Burns
– Red Carpet Affair Marquee: Lynches Irish Tavern
“It’s a wonderful opportunity to support our community college… we want to support the foundation that supports students and the community,” explained Jennifer Kusch, an attendee of the event.
The way this event raises money for the designated program is through ticket prices, donations, raffled jewelry, and auctioned items the night of the event.
This year the event alone raised $48,190. Although, this year’s Red Carpet Affair started the fundraising early bringing the total up to $99,190.
According to Dr. Kevin Pollock, the Red Carpet Affair has been held annually for 13 years and has raised over $500,000 dollars so far.
“If you ever have an opportunity to be involved in the red carpet affair I highly recommend going for it. I had just as much fun serving the guests as they did, if not more,” exclaimed Justin Comer, 24, Business Club President and volunteer at the event.