//The Silence in the Snow is here and the silence will fall

The Silence in the Snow is here and the silence will fall

New Trivium album review
Tyler Smith
Guest Writer
This fall has been very eventful from the political debates to the Starbucks Christmas fiasco. One thing went unnoticed to most people. An American heavy metal band release their seventh album, for two years Trivium worked the most anticipated album fans have been waiting for.
From leaked tracks from the band themselves the band final release their newest album “Silence in the Snow,” a melodic masterpiece truly we cannot get enough of it. Oh the catchy riffs can stay in your head for days on end, and the clean vocals. No screaming, beautiful clean vocals, a first for Trivium.
Even someone who listens to anything such as Imagine Dragons or Fall Out Boy could like this album. Ferris State student Amy Salaski says, “This is heavy metal? I could listen this all day.”
An album of radio friendly songs but also hard rock’n’roll at the same time is miracle bestowed by the gods. If you’re worried about cost, don’t worry the album costs $17.99 for a hard copy and $11.99 on iTunes, buy it and enjoy this wonderful masterpiece of music.