/The Apocalypse is upon us… again

The Apocalypse is upon us… again

The Winchesters have really messed up this time.
Heather Silvola
Guest Writer
“Supernatural” season 11 premiered October 7 and it, at the least, exceeded my expectations. Past this point there will be spoilers, so SPOILER WARNING!
Introducing: the big, the bad, the “Darkness!” The Winchesters have released the “Darkness” via a witch and so far it hasn’t turned into a Disney Halloween movie from 2005.
The script seems to be taking a “dark” road with simple solutions wrapped around more lies and apocalyptic endings. The Winchesters are known to have died multiple times throughout the series but the writers said, through the mouth of a reaper, when the Winchesters die, they will stay dead.
As usual though, Sam and Dean are emotionally tortured and are still keeping secrets. At this point, Sam’s whole life is revolved around one lie after another with a side of disappointment from Dean. The “Darkness,” in the form of a little girl, is in Crowley’s hand as he tries to bribe her into joining him. I predict he will soon tuck tail and run to the Winchesters when he realizes she is too powerful to control. Castiel is, as usual, the writer’s personal punching bag as they try to think of ways to incorporate him into a story with the “Darkness.”
The bright side? The occupants of the cage in hell is stirring from the news of the newly released “Darkness.” This is a potential to bring back some great characters for this doomed apocalyptic world.
Supernatural is in the making for another great season; that is, if they can make the “Darkness” a big enough threat to the Winchesters.