/Morrow Road, haunted?

Morrow Road, haunted?

A local legend
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
Morrow road BookIn the darkest nights, at the quietest of times, fear can grip the sanest minds. Many people have experienced the fear when they made a pilgrimage to the infamous Morrow Road. The southern part of the road is located in Clay Township (on the outskirts of Algonac) and northern part rests in Cottrellville Township (on the outskirts of Marine City). In the 19th Century, Morrow Road was a cow path but was later expanded when more people moved in. Until recently, the road was all dirt but is now paved.
The legend begins with a mother and child dying in the late 1800’s. While there is several theories about what happened to the mother and child, one of the most popular theories is that the child left the house late one night and wondered outside. The mother discovered the child wasn’t in the room and ran outside to find the child in her nightgown. During this search, Morrow Road was getting hit with an unpredicted winter storm. Legends state that the mother froze to death before finding the child.
Continuing on local lore, it is said that the spot where the bridge once stood can be used to see the mother. Some claim that by lighting a fire there, she will appear in the flames which supports a different theory that the mother and child perished in a fire and not in a winter storm. The other popular way of trying to “summon” her is by honking the horn of a car three times at the bridge. Some people have said the sounds of a child crying can be heard on the road, while other claim to have been chased by the mother or “flying orbs.” The police have filed all these as false claims.
Morrow Road has spawned more than local legends, such as a book, an upcoming movie, and an appearance on Unsolved Mysteries. Francis J. Sampier covers Morrow Road in his book, Legend of Morrow Road, and goes into detail explaining the other theories of the mother’s demise, among other things. The movie, “Morrow Road,” has been in the works since 2005 but has not been confirmed on when it will be finished. Sampier, who is the director for “Morrow Road,” could not be reached for comment.
As with many local legends, the story is based on accounts from several people over many years and continues to draw people to the supposedly haunted road. As Halloween draws, Morrow Road may become a popular spot for people looking for a possible spooky scare.
Mark Bates, 34 of St. Clair, expressed his excitement to visit Morrow Road, “I’ve had some friends that went there in the 90’s and this time it’s my turn. Ghost or not, I’m ready to jump.”