//That piece of data shouldn’t be wearing that

That piece of data shouldn’t be wearing that

A rant on how women in video games dress
Pessimistic Gamer
Guest Writer
Let’s get this clear, women in video games aren’t real. We all know that, or at least should.
So why are we so mad about how they are dressed and portrayed?
To be fair, I do have to look at this from both stand points on the issue, seeing how they are both valid.
For the last 10 years or so, the debate on whether or not a piece of data should be clothed has been rampant.
In one aspect, videos games are fantasy. Why not fantasize about women (or men) we find appealing? Don’t we all wish for that perfect body with a great personality?
So, it’s harmless, right?
To some, it’s not. Most people don’t realize how much their fantasies can corrupt and become this overbearing image of what you should look like, so video game makers should start portraying women (and men) like average people.
It’s healthier that way, right?
Well, let’s step back and realize it’s not real.
What you are looking at is data. A fake image that is living out some fantasy world. If how they are dressed or portrayed is really going to be a problem for self-esteem that obviously means the problem didn’t start with the video game in the first place.
Having diversity in a video game, or in any entertainment media, is important to get more buyers in the first place. But you need to remember, men were the main targets for video games for the longest time.
Now that women are getting into them, notice how more women in video games have more realistic back stories and are no longer just a sex object.
They remastered the most sexual video game women, Lara Croft, to be more realistic because of this.
As much as I would love to say men and women both need to be portrayed in video games more realistically, it’s not that feasible.
The main point of these games are to ultimately make money. And sex sells.
Once it does stop selling- oh wait. It won’t.
And that might be the saddest fact about video games, or just entertainment, ever.
So, I guess my advice is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the interactive attractiveness.