//Pedal & Park at Pine Grove Park

Pedal & Park at Pine Grove Park

Bicycle enthusiast event took place for a fifth year
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

bike1Bikers of all ages gathered at Pine Grove Park during the 2015 Pedal & Park to show off their rides on a chilly Saturday afternoon on Sept. 19. The event, usually taking place in August, started five years ago to celebrate the bike culture that’s grown in the Blue Water area.
Over 40 bikes were registered for the contest that was held during the event. The contest was open for all bikes to be entered, with the winner being determined by the popular vote of everyone that attended the event. There were two classes, bikes owned by adults and bikes owned by children. The prizes for the adults included memorabilia from the Roche Bar and the children’s included candy and decorations to put on their bikes.
bike2Although it didn’t directly sponsor the event, The Roche Bar of downtown Port Huron was a huge contributor to the event according to Renee McLeod and Melissa Martin, the coordinators of the Pedal & Park. The shirts that were sold to fund the event and future events can be ordered and purchased at the Roche bar ranging from $10 to $20.
Over 70 people attended the event, including the local biking club the Boardwalk Boys as well as many individuals from Port Huron and the surrounding areas.
The Boardwalk Boys is a local group of tight-knit family and friends that have been riding their bikes along the boardwalk and other scenic areas of Port Huron for over 12 years. One of their members Tom Lewandowski, of Port Huron, said, “We just ride for fun. If I can ride my bike, I’m going to ride it.”
Linn Bartlett, a chef, eBay entrepreneur, and SC4 alum, registered several of his bicyclists and took the opportunity to peddle his bikes at the event. “I’m a flipper,” Bartlett said, “I buy and sell things on eBay and garage sales.” He mostly specializes in antique books, however buying and selling bikes has become a hobby for him in the past few years. “I try to keep my prices low on them (the bikes) so I can sell them to enthusiasts who will actually fix them up and ride them,” said Bartlett.
During the event, those that brought bikes paraded through the park and along the boardwalk. One of the riders, Lewandowski’s daughter Emma Lewandowski, 10 of Port Huron, proudly pedaled along with the others on her classic 1974 bicycle given to her by her father.