/From the Imagination to the Frame

From the Imagination to the Frame

Lauren Cross displays artwork in solo show at the Spiral Gallery
Katie Hunckler
Staff Writer

Lauren CrossA blank piece of paper has so much potential; it can become a paper airplane, a treasure map, or maybe even the founding document of a new country.
When Lauren Cross gets ahold of a piece of paper though, the paper’s fate is unlikely to be any of those things. That paper likely will be lucky enough to blossom into an incredible work of art. This 26-year-old from Marysville uses pen, ink, and watercolor to create intricate designs portraying a wide variety of scenes, the majority of them being fantastical.
“My inspiration comes from living by the sea,” said Cross as she pointed out a few of her aquatic scenes, many containing mermaids composed of intricate patterns, among other things.
Although it takes an abundance of patience to create scenes with so many tiny details, Cross does not consider it to be a bother. “It relaxes me,” she said.
And it was not only pieces of paper displayed at this artist’s solo show. A few guitars covered in this artist’s signature decor stood proudly in the rear of the gallery as well.
Cross earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Saginaw Valley State University, yet she credits the majority of her artistic success to her SC4 start. “At SC4, I felt like I had more freedom,” she stated. At Saginaw Valley, there was more of a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to do things, so her creativity was not able to flow as freely.
“She was very focused, and she had a direction, and she knew exactly what she was all about,” said David Korff of Port Huron. Korff was the first art teacher Cross had at SC4, and Cross attributes much of her love of the subject to him.
In the future, Cross hopes to open her own business selling original handmade items as well as antiques.
Cross’s solo show will be on display in the Spiral Gallery at Studio 1219 until Sept. 26, and can be viewed during the studio’s normal business hours.