//A night of creativity

A night of creativity

SC4’s Art Night brings in a crowd of the creative.
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor
artnight2SC4 once again hosted Art Night where students of all ages could come and learn something about art and get a hands on experience.
It began at 6 P.M. and went to midnight, with four class sessions during the night in each section.
Being mainly student run, most of the instructors were students, including: Natalie Mainguy, Demond Jones, Marcus Taylor, Cortney Roles, Haley Hoyt, Shelby Wright, and Alyssa Diebolt. These students taught classes in categories such as theater, drawing, music and ceramics to anyone who registered for the event. Just a few of the classes that happened that night consisted mask making, music theory and still life drawing.
Kelsey Kittridge, who is planning on attending SC4 in the winter, said she enjoyed the event. Kittridge first tried the mask making class in the theater category. “I’ve always wanted to be involved in theater, but my nerves get the best of me.”
Kittridge also stated, “It was something new. It’s an opportunity for me to do art.”
Celeste Skalnek, head executive coordinator of the Visual and Fine Arts department at SC4, said that she wanted to bring the community together through art, so anyone could experience creating.
If you missed Art Night, but still interested in the many events the Fine Arts department will be hosting, you can find a calendar at sc4.edu/arts.