/The results of the Student Government Election are in

The results of the Student Government Election are in

New faces enter office
Tyler Smith
Sports Editor

On Monday, March 30 and Tuesday, March 31, the college center held the St. Clair County Community College student government elections.
Eight candidates ran for the four positions of the Student Government; two for President, three for Vice President, two for Secretary, and one for Treasurer.
With 102 votes cast forth, the winners of the election are President elect Joe LaFontaine, with 65% of the votes and had a 39% overtake of his campaigning opponent Terrence Warner, with 26%. Along with a 23.50% over take by Vice President elect Mark McIntyre against his opponents John Jones and Mairead Warner that both had 22.50% of the votes. For the secretary position, Candice Swinson with 47% claimed victory by a close 5% over take of opponent Bill Kirby, who gained 42% of the votes. Then a last lone campaigner Lila Ali was elected with a 67.50% of the votes.
The newly elected officials will receive scholarships for the upcoming fall semester, the same semester they will take office. The president and Vice President will receive a full scholarship while the secretary and treasurer receive a three-quarter Scholarship.
Joe LaFontaine said that he is looking forward to becoming the new Student Government President and with help from Sherry Artman, Secretary to the Vice President of Student Services; he plans on working on key points for the next semester.
LaFontaine said that some of the plans are to improve communication with the clubs, getting packets to the clubs, and educate them on how to do everything from the event register forms to the minutes, and make sure there is structure.